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EngadgetMay 20, 2024
AI isn't the star of Microsoft's Copilot PC push — improved Arm support is
What if you could run an entire Windows PC on a mobile Arm-based chip, bringing the power efficiency and thinner designs from smartphones and tablets to laptops? If you've been paying attention to Microsoft's PC strategy over the past two decades, this song probably sounds familiar. From the original Surface in 2012 (running Windows RT for Arm devices) to the recent Surface Pro 9 5G, Microsoft has chipped away at this dream, only to fail miserably every time. Now with its new Copilot PC initiative, which includes major upgrades in Windows for Arm systems and AI, Microsoft may finally have the answer to its mobile computing dreams.

Microsoft's portable PC ambitions didn't start with the Surface line: You can trace it back to Windows CE and Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs. Then there was the short-lived era of netbooks: tiny, cheap and under-powered laptops meant mainly for browsing the web. I'll admit, I loved many a netbook, but they couldn't compete with the rise of the iPhone, Android and tablets.

Timing has never been Microsoft's strongest point. While Apple can just re-orient its platforms around its own homegrown hardware and software to pull off a monumenta

EngadgetMay 20, 2024
Microsoft Surface and Copilot Event: Everything announced including new Surface laptops, Copilot PC and more
Microsoft just couldn't wait until its Build developer conference properly starts tomorrow to drop some knowledge bombs. The company held a pre-Build event on Monday that wasn't livestreamed for the public, but it made some major announcements on the AI and Surface fronts.

Its vision for so-called AI PCs is taking shape with Copilot PCs, which are designed to run many generative AI processes locally instead of in the cloud. Along with its own Surface systems that will adopt this format, several other manufacturers are making Copilot PCs too. Microsoft also detailed some of the upcoming AI features for Windows 11.

Copilot PCs The big news coming out of this event is Microsoft's vision for AI-centric PCs. Microsoft's take on this is the Copilot PC. 

To qualify as a Copilot PC, a system will need to have neural processing unit (NPU) performance of at least 40 TOPs (trillions of operations per second) and have 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage at minimum. This is so the PC can run generative AI processes locally rather than via the cloud. That's a strategy we've seen in some recent flagship smartphones, such as Google Pixel devices.

Microsoft says it has completely reimagined the Win

PC World Latest NewsMay 20, 2024
Hands-on: Lenovo's first Snapdragon-powered Yoga and ThinkPad laptops

Our video team got some hands-on time with both of these laptops at a Lenovo presentation. Check out their initial impressions in the video below!

Lenovo ThinkPad T14s Gen 6 I'm gonna start with the ThinkPad, because I like ThinkPads and I'm writing this article, so there. The T series is a staple for businesses and anyone who likes good keyboards and the signature Trackpoint (the red mouse nub thing), so it's hardly surprising that this model can fit in with other Lenovo designs even while packing some big changes under the hood. With its standard clamshell design and unassuming branding, plus Lenovo's more common lid flair, it has looks best described as "familiar."

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