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EngadgetSep 27, 2022
Apple Watch SE (2022) review: The best smartwatch $250 can buy
I wasn't expecting Apple, of all companies, to deliver the most competitively priced smartwatch you can buy in 2022. But with Apple shaving $30 off the cost, the new Watch SE is arguably the most compelling wearable on the market. For $150 less than the new Series 8, this year's Watch SE delivers a comprehensive suite of health and fitness tools, emergency features and surprisingly few tradeoffs. It even uses the same new chip as the Series 8, and it looks indistinguishable to boot.

Design and hardwareIf you've seen one Apple Watch, you've pretty much seen them all. Unlike the majority of smartwatches for Android users, iPhone owners are stuck with the rounded square face the company has retained year after year. At this point, it feels like most people are used to the shape and have either embraced it, adjusted to it or given up complaining.

I'm one of those who's decided to no longer waste my breath asking for a round face. At least the Watch SE looks inoffensive and is light, comfortable and well made. The 40mm model I've been testing sits nicely on my wrist and most of the time I barely even notice it's there. A 44mm version is also available.

It's worth noting that most recent wearables are similarly unobtrusive, though at 26.4 grams (0.93 ounces), the 40mm Apple Watch SE is one of the lightest around. Meanwhile, the Fitbit Sense and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 both outweigh it at 37.6 grams and 28.7 grams, respectively.

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