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Dec 06, 2022

Report: Hundreds of Layoffs Set to Hit PepsiCo
A new report by the Wall Street Journal alleges that the cuts will primarily hit the beverage division.
Dec 06, 2022

How Do You Acquire Clients in Any Situation? You Need to Ask These Questions.
The founder and CEO of Sparkling Results shares her advice for anyone looking to have meaningful money-making conversations.
Dec 06, 2022

5 Steps to Creating a Content Marketing Strategy That Actually Works
Here are five ways to create an ever-winning content marketing strategy for your business.
Dec 06, 2022

Is Gap Stock a Buy for Under $15
Apparel company Gap (GPS) has recently witnessed a rally. However, with persistent macroeconomic uncertainties surrounding interest rate hikes, let's examine whether the stock has what it takes to deliver sustainable...
Dec 06, 2022

Apple Is Being Sued Over Alleged AirTag Stalking
The lawsuit said that despite Apple's attempts to enhance privacy and security, AirTags are easily used for nefarious purposes.
Dec 06, 2022

Why Many Entrepreneurs Fear Success — and How They Can Overcome It
Do you have a fear of what it really means to get to the next level and exit the cozy blanket that is your current reality?
Dec 06, 2022

How to Grow Your Business With Marketing Analytics: The Ultimate Guide
Here's your guide to using marketing analytics tools and finding the right marketing strategy for your business.
Dec 06, 2022

The Most Effective Way to Become a Millionaire Is Still Through Education. Here's Why.
The statistics tell the story that education is the most reliable way to financial success, regardless of what the influencer on social media tells you.
Dec 06, 2022

Can Southeast Asia Seize Global Opportunities in Sustainability?
Climate change threats loom across the world, and Southeast Asia is in a favorable position to benefit from a windfall of sustainable investment opportunities if their plans take flight.
Dec 06, 2022

How Telematics Will Improve the Efficiency of Transportation and Logistics in the Coming Years
Telematics is here to stay. Here's how it will continue to benefit the logistics industry in the future.
Dec 06, 2022

'Knew Exactly What They Were Doing': Nearly 40,000 in North Carolina Still Stuck Without Power After 'Deliberate' Attack of 'Vandalism' on Electric Grid
A state of emergency was declared following the mass outages that began over the weekend.
Dec 06, 2022

3 Big Box Retail Bets for the Holidays
Christmas time tends to be big for retailers, which can make them good bets for investors. Here are three moderate buy stocks as we approach year's end.
Dec 06, 2022

How Real Estate Investors Can Prepare for 2023 in 4 Easy Steps
After two years of turmoil in the real estate market, we are all looking forward to seeing what 2023 will bring. Here are the four most important trends to expect in the real estate industry next year.
Dec 06, 2022

The Bully From 'A Christmas Story' Will Be Hanging Out at the Original House From the Movie for a Good Cause
Actor Zach Ward plays CEO in real life when he isn't reprising his iconic role.
Dec 06, 2022

Give the Gift of Dining Out for an Unbelievable Price
With gift cards, there is such a thing as a free meal ... for someone.
Dec 06, 2022

The 4 Best Holiday Stocks to Buy Before It's Too Late
Despite economic uncertainties, retail sales have remained resilient lately. Since the Fed is expected to slow the rate hikes with inflation showing signs of cooling down, holiday sales are expected...
Dec 06, 2022

Rudy Mawer Shares 10 Ways To 10x Your Business
Learn the tactics needed to exponentially grow your revenue
Dec 06, 2022

Less is Not More: How Business Leaders Can Stem the Tide of Quiet Quitting
Business leaders can use these four strategies to discourage quiet quitting and keep employees more vested in the vision of the company.
Dec 06, 2022

Leverage This Marketing Strategy To Gain An Edge in 2023
One strategy stands out above the rest in our increasingly digital marketing world.
Dec 06, 2022

The Economic Outlook Among CEOs Drops to Lowest Level Since 2020
Plans for hiring, capital investment and sales expectations all declined in Q4 2022.
Dec 06, 2022

Your Tax Refund Could Be Smaller Next Year, IRS Warns — Here's Why
And the money you do get back might not be timely either.
Dec 06, 2022

3 Stocks That Know How to Pack Long-Term Gains
Despite the pandemic-led supply chain disruptions, the packaging industry's prospects look bright. Rising consumer purchasing power and technological investments are expected to drive growth. Therefore, packaging stocks Sealed Air Corporation...
Dec 06, 2022

Reverse Seasonal Depression? Here's How Your Online Calendar Can Help
You may have heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is an annual depression that arises with the onset of the cooler months. Reverse Seasonal Depression, characterized by the same...
Dec 06, 2022

6 Proven Ways to Continually Grow Your Business
No matter your success, follow these tips to keep your business growing.
Dec 06, 2022

Is Carnival Stock a Buy, Sell or Hold Right Now?
Cruise company Carnival Corporation (CCL) recorded a 50% jump in sales during Cyber Monday, indicating a busy 2023 travel season. Despite strong bookings, CCL is expected to struggle due to...
Dec 06, 2022

Good Advice Is the Secret to Success in Entrepreneurship. Here's How to Get It.
For founders, getting guidance from seasoned business leaders can be a game-changer. Here's why — plus some ways to get the best advice.
Dec 06, 2022

3 Tech Stocks to Buy This Week Without Hesitation
Despite the macroeconomic headwinds, the tech industry is well-positioned for long-term growth, thanks to growing dependency on tech products and services, the introduction of advanced technologies, and increasing corporate and...
Dec 06, 2022

Coca-Cola and 3 Other High-Quality Stocks to Buy This December
Recent positive economic data indicate that the U.S. economy is not cooling despite the Fed's aggressive monetary policy since March. This could prompt the Fed to continue its supersized rate...
Dec 06, 2022

How to Calculate Your Annuity Payments
Annuities provide periodic payments for an agreed-upon period of time, either now or in the future, for the annuitant or beneficiary. You can annuitize the annuity by making monthly, semiannual,...
Dec 06, 2022

Franchising Could Be the Secret to Reaping the Rewards of a Down Economy. Here Are 5 Reasons Why.
Recession and inflation are leading to benefits for franchisees.
Dec 06, 2022

Get an Amazon Echo Dot for Less Than $20 for 24 Hours Only
Don't miss this chance to give yourself a virtual assistant.
Dec 06, 2022

4 Chip Stocks That Are Down and out This December
Macroeconomic headwinds and recently imposed regulations on chip sales have marred the chip and semiconductor industry's performance. In this backdrop, it could be wise to avoid chip stocks NVIDIA (NVDA),...
Dec 06, 2022

Hospitality Leadership Coach Matt Rolfe on Being Vulnerable and Sharing Your Truth
Interview with Hospitality Leadership Coach Matt Rolfe about setting boundaries in life and work, creating positive leverage, and being honest with your team.
Dec 06, 2022

Splunk is Suddenly Looking Like a Slam Dunk
Splunk's third quarter earnings report showed that the company's data analytics offerings remain highly relevant in a faltering economy.
Dec 06, 2022

Can GlobalFoundries Be the U.S. Version of Taiwan Semi ?
Contract semiconductor manufacturer GlobalFoundries (NYSE: GFS) is the fourth largest producer of computer chips producing 7% of the world's supply.
Dec 06, 2022

CrowdStrike Selloff: It's Time For Investors to Strike
CrowdStrike's downside is likely a fraction of the long-term upside. It's looking like a good time for growth investors to build a position.
Dec 06, 2022

Pure Storage is a Steady Eddie Growing Storage Play
Enterprise data storage solutions provider Pure Storage, Inc. (NYSE: PSTG) stock has been buoyant this year throughout the semiconductor bust cycle.
Dec 06, 2022

Nike Cuts Ties With Controversial Nets Guard Kyrie Irving
The company confirmed that the NBA star "is no longer a Nike athlete."
Dec 05, 2022

Bombshell Report Says Elon Musk's Neuralink Under Federal Investigation
Staffers at Musk's medical device manufacturer have reportedly complained that rushed tests are causing needless animal deaths.
Dec 05, 2022

Emmy-Winning Actress Kirstie Alley Dies at 71
In a statement published on Alley's social media, her children said the "Cheers" star succumbed to a battle with cancer.
Dec 05, 2022

From Liver King to Liar King: An Organ-Eating Fitness Guru Exposes His Steroid Use in a Shocking YouTube Apology
Brian Johnson, who makes $100 million a year for his all-natural raw meat diet and fitness regime, tells his followers, 'I am on steroids.'
Dec 05, 2022

'I Just Lost All My Life Savings': Michigan Woman Lost $15,000 in Facebook Marketplace Car Scam
She said she went to go purchase a car — and ended up with a gun to her head.
Dec 05, 2022

How to Give Customers the Digital Experience They Crave
Eliminating digital experience blind spots will ensure your brand's success. Here's how.
Dec 05, 2022

Hundreds of Yeti Coolers Flew Off a Cargo Ship and Now People Are Finding Them on Shore
An inclement weather incident knocked an estimated 109 shipping containers off a boat headed towards Canada.
Dec 05, 2022

13 Ways To Increase Your Ecommerce Sales This Holiday Season
Here are a few ways to generate the best ROI for your ecommerce businesses in preparation for a holiday frenzy.
Dec 05, 2022

Elon Musk Says Apple Is Twitter's Biggest Advertiser
After a series of brands stopped advertising on the platform post-Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter, some of its biggest customers, like Amazon and Apple, are reportedly back to ads — or never left.
Dec 05, 2022

Why Now Is the Time for Technology Companies to Explore M&A Opportunities
In times of uncertainty, companies are often more likely to engage in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to gain market share or merge their position.
Dec 05, 2022

'Tip Culture Is Getting Insane': Starbucks Customers Furious Over Company's New Tipping System
The coffee chain implemented a new digital tipping system that prompts customers when they pay by card.
Dec 05, 2022

5 Major Deal Points to Know Before Signing a Lease
If you want to rent a space for your business, watch out for these five dealbreakers.
Dec 05, 2022

In a Crowded Field of Emerging Franchises, Only the Strongest Brands Thrive
Intense competition keeps a lid on new concepts.
Dec 05, 2022

4 Crucial Indicators To Know Before Seeking Venture Capital Funding
Are you thinking of raising VC money in this environment? Ask your marketing team for these four crucial indicators before pitching.
Dec 05, 2022

To Be a Successful Entrepreneur, You Need These 4 Characteristics
Becoming a successful entrepreneur takes more than just a great idea. It also requires having these four characteristics.
Dec 05, 2022

'Thank You For Loving Him': Noodle, the Bones or No-Bones Day Pug, Dies at 14
The elderly pug went viral in 2021 after his owner began trying to stand him up — and determining whether today was a "bones day" or not.
Dec 05, 2022

Why NFTs Will Shape the Future of Gaming
Traditional games monetize by perpetuating a flow of value where players invest their time and money, only to increase the profits retained by game developers. Conversely, NFTs enable players to capture the value they create within the ecosystem.
Dec 05, 2022

ABC Officially Takes TJ Holmes and Amy Robach Off the Air In Light of Affair
The news of the couple's secret romance broke last week.
Dec 05, 2022

Tesla Shares Are Sliding, Here's Why
Tesla shares are sliding but investors can take hope from a bottoming pattern that suggests a rebound is brewing for this stock.
Dec 05, 2022

Last Chance to Get Free Shipping on This Prize-Winning Puzzle
Everybody is a winner — win between $1 and $1 million.
Dec 05, 2022

The Financial Cost of Scrubbing the Market of a Bad Brand Ambassador
As a business continues to grow and increase profits, it is essential to expand its brand. They need more people to see the company and its potential for profitability. Marketing...
Dec 05, 2022

A Serial Entrepreneur Is Buying the Oregon 'Goonies' House for $1.7 Million
"Of course, no one gets in unless they do the truffle shuffle," the new buyer joked.
Dec 05, 2022

The Holiday Season Means More People Take on Side Hustles — the Difference This Year? They Don't Plan to Quit Anytime Soon.
In November, there was a 165,000 jump in people holding multiple positions, the largest increase since June.
Dec 05, 2022

These Are the 10 Countries With the Least Paid Vacation — and Where the U.S. Ranks Might Surprise You
The U.S. is only one of six countries in the world offering no form of national paid leave.
Dec 05, 2022

This Silent Productivity Killer is Draining 4 Hours From Your Week. Here's How To Fix It
Forget Zoom fatigue. The problem is tool fatigue. Meet context-switching: the force behind your team's draining productivity, focus, and mental health.
Dec 05, 2022

'No One Believed' This Black Founder Was the Owner of a Liquor Brand in 2012. He Launched to Great Acclaim — Then Lost It All. Here's How He Made a Multi-Million-Dollar Comeback.
Jackie Summers, founder of Jack From Brooklyn, Inc. and Sorel Liqueur, has a big story to tell — and it begins thousands of years ago.
Dec 05, 2022

5 Amazing Stocks You Won't Ever Regret Buying
Easing inflation and the Fed's indication of slowing the pace of interest rate hikes are raising investors' sentiments. Moreover, the November job report came in better than expected. While uncertainties...
Dec 05, 2022

The EU Hosted a 24-Hour Party In Its $400,000 Metaverse to Appeal to Young People, but Pretty Much No One Showed Up
The EU spent €387,000 ($407,000) on a metaverse venue to promote a new strategy.
Dec 05, 2022

Why It's Too Early To Write Off The Internet of Things
The Internet of Things (IoT) used to be the talk of the town. While its promises have not panned out, IoT may still have a bright future.
Dec 05, 2022

Insiders And Institutions Buy Fastenal, An Aristocrat To Be
The insiders and institutions are buying Fastenal ahead of its 25th consecutive dividend increase and inclusion in the Dividend Aristocrats index.
Dec 05, 2022

Is Big Lots the Next Bed Bath & Beyond Disaster in the Making?
Warehouse clubs have been the darling of Wall Street this year as consumers flock to find bargains during uncertain economic times. This has been evidenced
Dec 05, 2022

The Secret Behind the Pitch That Landed a $200,000 Investment
Sharleen Ernster, founder of We Are Hah, discusses her winning strategy on 'Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch.'
Dec 05, 2022

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Might Be Over—But These Little-Known Strategies Will Help You Sell Big in December
Are you ready for the holiday shopping surge? Here's how to keep up with demand and sell big this season.
Dec 05, 2022

Motivation Isn't Some Magical Elixir — It's a Skill You Can Develop
Leaders aren't mythical creatures with a surplus of energy — they hone it. Progress is about mindset.
Dec 05, 2022

All the Cloud Storage You Need Is on Sale for the Holidays
Give yourself the gift of more space.
Dec 05, 2022

1 Momentum Stock to Buy Now for Extraordinary Gains in 2023
Valero Energy (VLO) expanded its production for the fourth quarter anticipating increased demand. The stock is up nearly 70% in 2022. It is trading above its 50-day and 200-day moving...
Dec 05, 2022

5-Minute Mentor: How Do I Generate Leads Without Annoying People?
Here's how to test your idea and bring it to market in an impactful way.
Dec 05, 2022

Content Creation Is About Quality, Not Quantity. Here's How to Create the Content People Actually Want.
You've defined your content strategy, assembled a team or found a great outsourcing partner. Before you can start creating content your audience wants to read and share, you need to set up systems that guarantee quality over quantity.
Dec 05, 2022

3 Upgraded Stocks to Add to Your Watchlist This Week
Fed Chair Jerome Powell recently hinted at a rate-hike slowdown but cautioned that the fight against inflation is far from over. Furthermore, some market experts predict the economy will enter...
Dec 05, 2022

Free Webinar | December 7: How to Lead Through Times of Economic Uncertainty
Being a leader during uncertain economic times can be challenging. Learn from Credit Karma's CEO, Kenneth Lin, how he successfully grew a business during the 2008 recession and how you can do the same today. Register now ?
Dec 05, 2022

Is Salesforce Stock a Bargain Down Here?
Customer relationship management software giant Salesforce (NASDAQ: CRM) shares tanked (-10%) on a bullish Q3 2022 earnings report but Q4 guidance was mixed.
Dec 05, 2022

Intel is a Sleeping Giant Ready to Awaken
U.S. semiconductor producer Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) stock is trading at price levels not seen since 2016. While shares rallied after a strong earnings report,
Dec 04, 2022

How to Create a Culture of Gentle Accountability in 3 Steps
Here's how leaders can hold their teams accountable in a more supportive and meaningful way.
Dec 04, 2022

Deal of the Day: This Wireless Charger Can Help Clean Up Your Desk
Save 42% off this MagStack charging station for two days only.
Dec 04, 2022

Your Values Can Be Compromised When You're Under Stress. Here's How to Get Them Aligned Again.
Core values change based on the state of our nervous system and our body's physiological response to stress. Use these tips for shifting from fight, flight or freeze into calm and building values as micro-habits.
Dec 04, 2022

Get Rid of Your Siri Remote Once and for All This Year
Score this great stocking stuffer for $5 off with code BUTTON5.
Dec 03, 2022

Think You've Just Been Exposed to a Cyber Criminal? Here Are 8 Ways You Can Save Yourself and Others From Being Scammed.
Waste no time reporting a suspicious website that put yourself and others at risk.
Dec 03, 2022

The 7 Secrets of Truly Successful Personal Brands
Creating a solid brand is essential to your success in whatever field you enter. These seven tips will help you build the perfect personal brand.
Dec 03, 2022

This Top-Rated PDF Solution Is 66% Off Now
It's an essential tool for every entrepreneur.
Dec 03, 2022

Got Too Many Meetings? Here's How to Cut Back
Too many meetings on your schedule mean low productivity with all of your other work. You really can learn how to reduce your workload of meetings — and still make...
Dec 03, 2022

How the Metaverse Will Transform the Way We Approach Marketing
Advances in technology are drastically changing the way companies need to think about how they interact with their customers. How will marketing change in the future?
Dec 03, 2022

Today Only: Get a 4K Camera Drone for Just $80
Want a drone for aerial photography? Here's how you can save $120.
Dec 03, 2022

How to Stack the Odds in Your Favor…
Most investors have had a rough time in the turbulent 2022 stock market (SPY). Now more than ever they need a reliable way to identify winning stocks regardless of the...
Dec 03, 2022

Why CSL Ltd Stock Could Be Worth a Look
FDA approval of costly--but worthwhile--drug leads the momentum that could make CSL Ltd an equally worthwhile investment.
Dec 03, 2022

Stephanie McMahon: WWE Considering Move Into Boxing
The promotion's co-CEO says she wants to do what her father did for pro wrestling.
Dec 02, 2022

FBI Director Wray Addresses Concerns About TikTok and National Security
According to Wray, the Chinese government "has a mission that's very much at odds with what's in the best interests of the United States."
Dec 02, 2022

Where Is Lindsey Lohan Now? Making Christmas Videos for Pepsi
The Mean Girls star appears in a new ad campaign promoting Pepsi and milk, or 'Pilk' for the uninitiated.
Dec 02, 2022

The Top 5 All-Time Best Productivity Hacks You've Never Heard Of
Want to combat chronic procrastination? Use these top five productivity hacks to put an end to this debilitating nuisance.
Dec 02, 2022

11 Practical Tips for the Holiday Business Traveler
Business does not stop for holidays. Here's how to keep moving.
Dec 02, 2022

Is Remote Work Responsible for Quiet Quitting? This Behavioral Economist Reveals What He Tells His Clients — and How to Fix It.
Many traditionalist leaders attribute this drop in productivity and rise in quiet quitting to remote work, but is this really the case?
Dec 02, 2022

Jeffrey Epstein Estate Reaches $105 Million Settlement With U.S. Virgin Islands
The settlement will be an all-cash deal.
Dec 02, 2022

Jeffry Epstein Estate Reaches $105 Million Settlement With U.S. Virgin Islands
The settlement will be an all-cash deal.
Dec 02, 2022

Disney World Will Permanently Close This Beloved But Controversial Ride in 2023
Splash Mountain will be replaced with a ride about "The Princess and the Frog," called Tiana's Bayou Adventure.

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