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Jul 17, 2018

The 10 Most Popular Emoji in Web Addresses
Did you know you could have a heart … in your URL?
Jul 17, 2018

5 Top Salespeople Share How They Get Out of Sales Slumps
The best salespeople have bad days -- it's how they get through them that makes the difference.
Jul 17, 2018

IBM Is Experimenting With a Cryptocurrency, Which It Says Is More Stable
It's basically a blockchain-backed dollar -- but you can't convert your money to it (yet).
Jul 17, 2018

A $150 Billion Net Worth Makes Jeff Bezos the Richest Person on Earth and 24 Other Crazy Things We've Learned About the Amazon Founder
The Amazon founder has come a long way.
Jul 17, 2018

The One Quality That Has Fueled Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's Success
The action superstar gave some insight into his approach to business.
Jul 17, 2018

Amazon: Friend or Foe? You Decide.
Do you see Amazon as a partner or an enemy? In a recent survey 42 percent of businesses saw the retail giant as having a negative effect, though fully 83 percent said they hadn't felt one personally.
Jul 17, 2018

4 Entrepreneurial Skills We Should Be Teaching in Schools
American K-12 schools don't teach entrepreneurial skills, leaving kids ill-prepared for the future.
Jul 17, 2018

Integrate Your Business Applications to Achieve Maximum Impact and Enjoy These 4 Benefits
You'll boost employee productivity, improve your access to real-time data and respond more quickly and effectively to customer complaints.
Jul 17, 2018

How Will the 'Wayfair' Supreme Court Decision Affect Retailers? 5 Ways.
While major retailers like Amazon, Target and Walgreens may see little impact, it's small businesses that need to pay more attention to these changes.
Jul 17, 2018

5 Unexpected Social Media Platforms to Grow Your Brand Awareness
It's time to look beyond social media powerhouses like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
Jul 17, 2018

Dude, Where are My Wheels: Why A Strong Network Can Always Help You in Difficult Situations
How one unfortunate story in my youth taught me the importance of knowing the right people.
Jul 17, 2018

Focus More Easily With These Unconventional Hacks
From meditation to decreasing your levels of cortisol, here are some new ways to get in the zone.
Jul 17, 2018

8 Strategies to Becoming a Badass CEO
C-Suiters share their secret sauce for exceptional leadership.
Jul 17, 2018

It's Time for Women to Stop Apologizing So Much
Save your 'sorries' for a rainy day.
Jul 17, 2018

Trade Wars: Who Pays the Price?
Whether you believe tariffs are or aren't the best way to make American companies more competitive, it's consumers and small businesses that are affected the most.
Jul 17, 2018

Amazon Prime Day Goes to the Dogs, But Still Makes Bank! Here Are 3 Things to Know Today.
Stay in the know in 60 seconds.
Jul 17, 2018

Focusing as an Entrepreneur Is All About Choosing Opportunities Wisely
It can be tempting to get swept up in choices, but sticking to a few lucrative options is key.
Jul 17, 2018

Are You at Risk for a Wealth Shock That Could Kill You?
A financial shock is as dangerous as a heart disease diagnosis. The best medicine? Prevention.
Jul 17, 2018

The 3 Ms of Successful Direct Marketing Campaigns
If you can get your message, market, and media right, you'll be on your way to marketing dominance.
Jul 17, 2018

The First Thing These Famous and Successful People Do Every Morning
Find out how these successful people kick-start their day.
Jul 17, 2018

Why Marketers Are Working With HR to Take Ownership of Company Culture
Culture is the foundation of your brand and culture begins with the people you hire.
Jul 17, 2018

After Making $1 Million, I Saw My Life Change: Here's How
The 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' author talks about his new ways of thinking after hitting the $1 million milestone.
Jul 17, 2018

Chipotle Isn't Franchising … Yet. Here's What You Can Do in the Meantime.
If you like the idea of franchising a Chipotle, we have some good news and some bad news.
Jul 17, 2018

How Blockchain Is Poised to Disrupt the Gig Economy
The next several years will see rapid adoption as market-shifts in employment continue.
Jul 17, 2018

If You Use Free Digital Business Tools, Your Competitors Could Have Access to Your Secrets
When the product is free, you are the product -- and so is your data.
Jul 17, 2018

7 Reasons Experts Say It's Not Too Late to Invest in Cryptocurrency
Despite industry volatility, insiders say smart investors should embrace crypto.
Jul 17, 2018

In Pitching Your Business, Take Every 'No' As a 'Not Now,' Says This Founder
Absolut Art CEO Nahema Mehta turned her rent-to-own art startup into a profitable reality thanks to sheer persistence.
Jul 17, 2018

How Tender Greens Turned Its Suppliers Into Investors
The growing fast-casual chain Tender Greens used ingenuity, deal-making and vision to build a new kind of supply chain.
Jul 17, 2018

A Foundation of Trust Is How the Sharing Economy Thrives
Trust is built on transparency and confidence. If you don't have it, your brand will be hurt.
Jul 17, 2018

Most Businesses Would Benefit From Smaller Infusions of Capital on an Ongoing Basis, Rather Than Big Investment Rounds
This CEO argues that there should be alternative funding models for non-'unicorn' companies.
Jul 17, 2018

How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur Without Sabotaging Your Personal Relationships
"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you."
Jul 17, 2018

Here's What Jeff Bezos Prefers to Work-Life Balance and Why You Should Live By It
Work-life balance naively suggests working and non-working hours should be evenly apportioned.
Jul 17, 2018

9 Business Expenses You Can Reduce or Eliminate to Save Thousands
The money you don't waste is the easiest profit you can ever earn.
Jul 17, 2018

Is Medical Marijuana Really Legal In Your State? Define Legal.
Saying 'medical marijuana is legal' means very different things in different places.
Jul 16, 2018

It's Okay to Promote Yourself -- in Fact, It's Necessary. Here's How to Do It Better.
Here's what to do if you aren't a natural marketer.
Jul 16, 2018

How to Harness the Power of Authenticity and a 'Relationship Funnel' to Explode Your Brand
Rachel Pedersen used a viral Facebook post to build a business based on relationships.
Jul 16, 2018

Time's Up for the Wealth Management Industry
A recent survey made me feel deeply ashamed to be a part of the industry with the highest recorded prevalence of sexual harassment.
Jul 16, 2018

How to Get Thousands of Views on Your LinkedIn Content
LinkedIn is a content platform that allows you to get massive visibility with your ideal clients at no cost -- if you do it right.
Jul 16, 2018

Yumi Co-founders Angela Sutherland and Evelyn Rusli On Why You Can Doubt Your Choices But Not Yourself
The first-time entrepreneurs took a leap of faith together and quit their jobs to launch an early childhood meal delivery service.
Jul 16, 2018

If You Want Power and Opportunity, Work On Your Persuasion Skills
There is a difference between those who go it alone and those who use persuasion to find opportunity.
Jul 16, 2018

How This Entrepreneur Built a Powerhouse Talent Management Company With a Soul
The founder of Authentic Talent and Literary Management shares his thoughts on pursuing the kind of success that truly matters.
Jul 16, 2018

9 Ways Successful Group Networking Empowers Women Entrepreneurs
Group networking allows woman entrepreneurs to be part of a community of like-minded women you can relate to.
Jul 16, 2018

Leaving a Positive Leadership Legacy Is Really About Living Your Values Now
How you will be remembered when you career is done is based entirely on who you help and what you build.
Jul 16, 2018

Serena Williams Gave a Master Class in How to Get the Most Out of a Failure
The GOAT gave it her all at Wimbledon. She didn't clinch the title, but everyone can learn from how she handled it like a champion.
Jul 16, 2018

3 Considerations You Must Think Through Before Taking a Political Position as a Brand
It is becoming harder for brands to stay neutral in our hyper-political times.
Jul 16, 2018

Happy Prime Day! Also, Elon Musk May Have Lost His Mind. What You Need to Know Today.
Stay in the know in 60 seconds.
Jul 16, 2018

How to Manufacture Sales Urgency (Without Sounding Like a Scam Artist)
If you're struggling to drive urgency in your business, here are three ways to do it
Jul 16, 2018

5 Simple Job Hunting Techniques to Land Your Dream Job
Here are five seemingly-simple but highly effective job hunting techniques that will inch you closer to your dream job.
Jul 16, 2018

For This Entrepreneur, No Mistake Is Not Worth Making
Eventual success shows how mishaps are simply stepping stones.
Jul 16, 2018

At 27, She Unexpectedly Became the CEO of Her Family Business. Now She is the Leader of a $120 Million Company.
Lifeway CEO Julie Smolyansky shares the secret to facing your fears.
Jul 16, 2018

The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for Entrepreneurs
'Tis the season for online shopping.
Jul 16, 2018

5 Ways to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by Programmers When Building Your First App
Make sure they know what they are doing. And don't just take their word for it.
Jul 16, 2018

5 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Start in Sales
The sales team knows that closing deals is what makes the company goes. You want everyone on the team to know that, too.
Jul 16, 2018

This High-Ranking Executive Quit Her Job to Reinvent Animal Crackers
Erika Szychowski launched Good Zebra in 2016 to offer protein-packed cookies as an alternative to bars.
Jul 16, 2018

Why Rapper-Turned-Entrepreneur T.I. Says a Hustler Needs to Be Patient
The Atlanta rap star is now into everything from TV to real estate -- and learning important lessons along the way.
Jul 16, 2018

How to Sell Your Video Content Like an All-Star Product
Greg Rollett sits down with Andy Eilers to discuss his new series, 'The Andy Eilers Show.'
Jul 16, 2018

The Sorry State of 'Sorry'
Four ways to seek results, not remorse.
Jul 16, 2018

How to Accomplish More in 4 Days Than Most People Do in 4 Weeks
Practice and self-control are key.
Jul 16, 2018

Here's How to Earn and Keep the Loyalty of Your Customers
Nobody will buy from you unless they trust you, but once they trust you they will buy again.
Jul 16, 2018

"The Cannabis Industry Will Be Bigger than the NFL"
Michael 'Big Mike' Straumietis's big predictions on the future of weed.
Jul 16, 2018

'The Cannabis Industry Will Be Bigger than the NFL'
Michael 'Big Mike' Straumietis's big predictions on the future of weed.
Jul 15, 2018

What Small Retailers Can Learn From the Industry's Push Towards AI and Big Data
One size does not fit all.
Jul 15, 2018

Tips for Mastering Body Language and Confidence
There are two things that can make or break you when it comes to achieving greatness: your body language and your confidence.
Jul 15, 2018

Bong & Breakfast? Prince Edward Island to Allow Cannabis Use in Hotels
The picturesque site of Anne of Green Gables is poised to promote another kind of green.
Jul 15, 2018

How to Apply and Optimize Your Algorithm When You're Ready to Run With AI
Follow a tried-and-true implementation methodology of purposeful, simple and tested engineering, such as Lean AI, to unlock AI's true potential.
Jul 15, 2018

How Businesses Can Use Mobile Marketing to Their Advantage (Infographic)
Need to boost your marketing? Go mobile.
Jul 14, 2018

4 Ways to Maintain Concentration in Mentally Exhausting Jobs
Here are some simple but valuable tips for staying as energetic as possible throughout your day.
Jul 14, 2018

Want Your Own Chatbot? Don't Move Forward Without Taking These 3 Steps
The buzz died down, but chatbots are still an amazing tool.
Jul 14, 2018

9 Daily Rituals to Boost Your Performance at Work (Infographic)
In a rut? These daily rituals can help lift you up.
Jul 14, 2018

5 Questions to Ask Before Picking Your Packaging
Cannabis packaging comes with its own unique set of challenges and regulations. Make sure you know the facts before getting overly creative.
Jul 13, 2018

Customer Experience Surveys? They Don't Have to be a Pain.
Here are some strategies for getting customers to offer up the information you really need, about their experience.
Jul 13, 2018

Build-A-Bear Workshop Is Caught Off Guard for Its 'Pay Your Age' Promo and Forced to Turn Away Customers
The company says it experienced 'unprecedented' customer turnout and provides a lesson on preparation for entrepreneurs.
Jul 13, 2018

Negotiation Basics: 8 Common Questions and Answers
The mindset that you bring into a negotiation can either help or hurt your chances to come to a fair agreement.
Jul 13, 2018

How to Pitch Your Business, Product or Idea to Industry Experts
I say no to almost all of the pitches that come my way, but the few "yeses" really stand out.
Jul 13, 2018

A Simple Formula for Getting More Clients this Summer
The summer slowdown is real, but here's how to beat it.
Jul 13, 2018

5 Hot Trends That Will Continue to Change Your Ecommerce Horizons in 2018
Chatbots, personalization, international sales and better protection against fraud are all helping you to sell more. Give thanks.
Jul 13, 2018

Tackling Equal Pay as a Female Tech Leader
As a female leader in a male-dominated industry, one of the biggest barriers I had to overcome personally was to know my worth.
Jul 13, 2018

3 Ways to Work in Weed Without Ever Touching The Plant
Nonplant industries are thriving in the cannabis industry. Here are some big-time opportunities.
Jul 13, 2018

Consumers Don't Have an Attention Problem. It's Just That Your Advertising Isn't Very Good.
With so much media available to consume, quality matters more than ever for ads.
Jul 13, 2018

Is Everybody Home? Here's How to Devirtualize Your Team.
In my 30-plus years in HR I've learned that people who don't work together rarely become a top-performing team.
Jul 13, 2018

Don't Just Create Content and Then Sit Back. Promote It! Here's How.
Social media, retargeting and participation in forums should all be part of your promotion plan.
Jul 13, 2018

My Book and Baby Are Due the Same Day! Follow Along on My Journey. Episode 4: Sometimes Life Slows You Down.
Jessica Abo opens up about not being able to burn the candle at both ends like she used to and how she's taking the book one page at a time.
Jul 13, 2018

This Week in Weed: We Celebrate National Dab Day and Cynthia Nixon Raffles Off a Bong
Top stories from the marijuana industry.
Jul 13, 2018

Is Your Content Flabby? Here's How to Trim Those Verbal Love Handles!
Your guiding principle should be to not write the way you -- or any of us -- talk.
Jul 13, 2018

How Do You Build an Effective Well-Being Program? These Are the 4 Steps You Should Take.
'Massage therapists, dentists and mammographers' have all been part of this contributor's company's well-being plan. Sound good?
Jul 13, 2018

Add Years to Your Life with These 4 'Work Break' Apps
Are you notoriously bad at periodically standing up from your desk or resting your eyes after staring at your computer screen? These tools can help.
Jul 13, 2018

Why Saving in Your 20s Is One of the Most Important Investing Decisions You Will Make
Building up your money doesn't have to be difficult, no matter how young you are.
Jul 13, 2018

Up Your Social Media Game By Answering These 8 Branding Questions
Don't put the social media cart before the brand strategy horse.
Jul 13, 2018

5 Ways That Geniuses Deal With Losing and Constructive Criticism
Use these incredible high-performers as inspiration when you feel down.
Jul 13, 2018

How Bots Steal Your Online Advertising Budget
The digital ad space is rife with fraud and bots, stealing your precious marketing dollars.
Jul 13, 2018

3 Ways Drone Startups Are Making Dangerous Workplaces Safer
Potential hazards such as loose scaffolding or fuel tank leaks are identified earlier.
Jul 13, 2018

Uber Invests in Scooter Startup Lime
Plus, Nordstrom plans to open smaller stores with no inventory and Topbox raises $5 million.
Jul 13, 2018

Unclog Your Calendar to Make Room for New Opportunities
Never underestimate the value of calendar white space.
Jul 13, 2018

Some Last-Minute Prep Can Ensure Amazon Prime Day Success
It's not too late to up your odds of big sales this year, and not too soon to begin preparations for next year.
Jul 13, 2018

How to Respond Effectively When Buyers Resort to These 5 Obnoxious Negotiating Tactics
Get over the shock, figure out what's really going on and respond calmly.
Jul 13, 2018

I Found Success by Embracing My Greatest Flaw
There's a positive and negative to every so-called "flaw." Are you ready to find your silver lining?
Jul 13, 2018

Wasted Employee Time Adds Up: Here's How to Fix It
Your team wouldn't be idle if you gave them anything more important to do.
Jul 12, 2018

How to Say 'No' More Often: Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a 'To-Don't' List
Anyone can make a to-do list. The smart entrepreneur will make -- and follow -- a list of things you should never do.
Jul 12, 2018

3 Ways to Master the One Thing About Video That Entrepreneurs Don't Understand: Distribution
Got the 'Citizen Kane' of online videos? It still needs to reach the right audience.
Jul 12, 2018

Jeff Bezos Is $53 Billion Richer Than Everyone Else and 24 Other Crazy Things We've Learned About the Amazon Founder
The Amazon founder has come a long way.

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