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Jan 22, 2020

To Take More Risks, Reframe Your Flaws as the 'Juicy Stuff'
Lessons on vulnerability from a Buddhist nun, Brené Brown and the CEO of Sweetgreen
Jan 22, 2020

Justin Donald Is the Investment World's New Warren Buffet
10 business commandments from lifestyle investor Justin Donald.
Jan 22, 2020

Treat Your Body Right in 2020 With This Personalized Vitamin Service
Give your body the nourishment and fuel it needs.
Jan 22, 2020

Why LinkedIn Direct Messaging Is Your Best New Sales Tool
It may feel awkward at first, but it could also lead to the essential connections you've been lacking.
Jan 22, 2020

Two Brands Are Better Than One: How To Collaboratively Grow Your Cannabis Business In Just 7 Steps
Piggyback marketing is effective and low-cost, and here's how to do it with your cannabis company.
Jan 22, 2020

The High-Earning Investment Techniques Only the Wealthy Know
If you want to become rich, invest like the rich.
Jan 22, 2020

Amazon Versus Walmart Is a Blueprint for Competitive Advantage
The battle between these giants of e-commerce should inspire all entrepreneurs.
Jan 22, 2020

These Pillows Can Help You Get a Better Night's Sleep
Sleep is essential. It's time you got some.
Jan 22, 2020

Every Day in Business Should Be Treated Like Super Bowl Sunday
As the Niners and Chiefs ready to battle, there are lessons entrepreneurs can learn from their preparation.
Jan 22, 2020

Starting a Business Isn't What You Think. Here's What to Expect Instead.
Find out if you are truly ready for the lifestyle changes that come with being an entrepreneur.
Jan 22, 2020

Hacking of Jeff Bezos' Phone is Tied to Saudi Prince, Reports 'The Financial Times'
The stunning allegation reportedly comes from a forensic analysis Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos commissioned to determine the culprit behind the hack, which resulted in his private photos ending up in the hands of the 'National Enquirer.'
Jan 22, 2020

5 Ways to Master the Influence of Sales
Learn to overcome the five biggest fears in sales and become a master salesperson.
Jan 22, 2020

How to Create a Learning Culture in the Workplace
To infuse your business with the pursuit of knowledge, show that you're still learning too
Jan 22, 2020

How to Make Custom Web and App Mockups for Your Business
UX-App is the design tool that makes prototyping your product easy.
Jan 22, 2020

How to Build Your Customer List and Get Your Business Off the Ground
Start now and grow your business with these tips.
Jan 22, 2020

4 Expert Tips for Creating a More Repeatable Sales Process for Your Startup
It will ultimately be the reason your startup succeeds or fails.
Jan 22, 2020

Business Idea of the Day: Tour Guide
Set your sights on a business that shows the sites.
Jan 22, 2020

Why the Day You Feel Like a True Entrepreneur May Never Come
Unsurprisingly, becoming an entrepreneur is about the incremental steps of each workday.
Jan 22, 2020

U.S. House Panel Calls For Stepped-Up Marijuana Research, Which Could Prove Critical To Federal Reform
As the cannabis industry continues to fight for federal legalization, it's getting some help from supported research.
Jan 22, 2020

This Minimalist Phone Can be Perfect for Traveling Entrepreneurs
Stay connected without all the notification distractions.
Jan 21, 2020

Five Things To Watch in Cannabis In 2020
Vaping crackdown, more states coming to market, and the SAFE Banking Act
Jan 21, 2020

Why You Need to Pick Up the Phone to Close That Deal
It may seen counterintuitive, but in 2020, email won't get it done.
Jan 21, 2020

4 Reasons Most Enterprise-Level Businesses (Still) Don't Get Digital Adoption
Even larger, more established companies struggle to understand its importance. Make sure yours isn't one of them.
Jan 21, 2020

77,000 People Buy Adult-Use Cannabis On First Day Of Illinois Sales
That translates into about $3.2 million worth of weed sold in just one day -- sales ended up reaching $20 million within two weeks.
Jan 21, 2020

Top 3 Obstacles Entrepreneurial Women Must Overcome
Hurdles still remain before females gain true parity in business.
Jan 21, 2020

'Retirement Isn't About Money': How Casey Weade Is Helping People Find Freedom in Life After Work
Becoming successful won't make you happy - unless you're intentional about it.
Jan 21, 2020

How Fintech Innovations are Eroding Banking's Dominance
Cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer lending are helping upend norms in consumer finance.
Jan 21, 2020

How to Turn Your Work-Related Stress and Anxiety into Accomplishments
Feeling sad about your current job or stuck in a career you hate? Use these tips to turn things around and start moving ahead while you're looking for a new job.
Jan 21, 2020

The Indiana Jones of Biology Gets Attacked by Hippos More Often Than Most People
Biologist and adventurer Forrest Galante, host of 'Extinct or Alive,' talks risk-taking and following your passion to the ends of the earth.
Jan 21, 2020

Tim Cook Subtly Dinged Mark Zuckerburg by Saying Augmented Reality Doesn't Isolate People Like Other Technologies
The Apple CEO seemed to criticize virtual reality technology, which Facebook has invested heavily in
Jan 21, 2020

Uber Experiment Lets California Drivers Set Their Own Fares
The bidding system allows them to increase fares up to five times the price set by Uber
Jan 21, 2020

The 7 Best Real-Estate Franchises of 2020
Seven real-estate franchises made our Franchise 500 list in 2020. Which one was the best?
Jan 21, 2020

How a College Student's Classroom Assignment Turned Into a Business With $14.5 Million in Funding
The company claims its mission is to end hunger.
Jan 21, 2020

How This College Student Raised Half a Million Dollars and Co-Founded FoodMaven
The company claims its mission is to end hunger.
Jan 21, 2020

How This Hospitality Entrepreneur Found Success After Switching Careers Twice
The founder of a restaurant group talks about the determination necessary to succeed in the industry.
Jan 21, 2020

Why E-Sports Are the Great Equalizer
The CEO of OverActive Media explains how e-sports fan engagement compares to more traditional sports.
Jan 21, 2020

20 Skills to Learn Now and Hit the Ground Running in 2020
If you want to make a change in your professional life, take advantage of the time off this holiday season by learning a new skill.
Jan 21, 2020

Business Idea of the Day: Career Coach
Help bring out the best in people as a career and personal coach.
Jan 21, 2020

This Résumé Tool Can Help Keep You in the Mix for Your Dream Job
Avoid falling through the cracks with Rezi.
Jan 21, 2020

This Founder Built a $1 Billion Brand ... By Giving Away $5 Gift Cards
By getting scrappy, Grove Collaborative's Stuart Landesberg learned big lessons.
Jan 21, 2020

6 Decisions That Could Change Your Business
Founders share the one choice that altered their company's path.
Jan 21, 2020

How Edible Arrangements Learned to Embrace a New Kind of 'Edible'
What once seemed like a threat to Tariq Farid's business is now a huge opportunity.
Jan 21, 2020

3 Alternatives to Traditional Work Trousers for the Female Entrepreneur
Comfortable, chic options that translate from the office to after-work cocktails with ease.
Jan 21, 2020

Broaden Your Branding with These Fonts From Monotype
Get 50 fresh, original fonts for just $50.
Jan 21, 2020

Law Enforcement Struggles To Differentiate Weed From Hemp: This 50-Year-Old Technology Might Be The Solution
Police are still confused on the differences between hemp and marijuana, but new tech is hoping to help change that.
Jan 21, 2020

12 Ways to Keep Your Team (and Yourself) Energized in 2020
Improve your office's energy and productivity levels for 2020 with these 12 tips.
Jan 20, 2020

Exclusive Interview: Rock Legend Carlos Santana On His New Cannabis and CBD Line
"I want to create a brand that helps people heal from fear," he says.
Jan 20, 2020

The Story of the 'Most Gruesome' Mistake of Warren Buffett's Career
Buying Dexter Shoe was a $9 billion error.
Jan 20, 2020

Beyond CBD: Four Emerging Cannabinoids To Watch In Skincare And Topicals
As more brands dive into topicals, here's what you need to know about the booming CBD trend.
Jan 20, 2020

8 Podcasting Tips From the Hit 'Girls Gotta Eat'
With 2.5 million weekly downloads, their podcast is a booming business.
Jan 20, 2020

The Dangers of Overpromising and Under-Delivering
Seven potentially perilous outcomes of making careless assurances.
Jan 20, 2020

What Communicators Can Learn From Martin Luther King, Jr.'s 'I Have a Dream' Speech
Looking back on the lessons in one of the greatest speeches in American history.
Jan 20, 2020

5 Can't-Miss E-Commerce Personalization Ideas
It's time to move beyond mere product recommendations.
Jan 20, 2020

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel Says TikTok Could Be Bigger Than Instagram
He says it's because TikTok focuses on talent, not likes.
Jan 20, 2020

Elon Musk Expect's SpaceX's First Crewed Mission Between April and June
Crew Dragon could live up to its name this spring.
Jan 20, 2020

Go From Unmotivated to Goal-Oriented With These Hacks
Learn to be a high-achiever by acting like one.
Jan 20, 2020

Business Idea of the Day: Food Truck
Chase you culinary dream on wheels.
Jan 20, 2020

Business Idea of the Day: Caterer
Love food? Love people? Bring your interests together with a catering business.
Jan 20, 2020

From Facebook to SEO, Learn How to Build Your Brand With These Courses
Discover what it takes to create an omnichannel digital marketing strategy.
Jan 20, 2020

Larabar's Founder Stocked Shelves at Whole Foods to Learn About Retail
By starting at the bottom, Lara Merriken got a quick education to food-product sales and marketing.
Jan 20, 2020

This Phone-Tracking App Helps Busy Professionals Protect Their Families
GeoZilla keeps your family safe when you can't be there.
Jan 20, 2020

The Key to Starting a Business? Just Deciding to Go For It.
The female founder warns that you won't know everything at the beginning, but you will figure it out.
Jan 20, 2020

3 Important Leadership Lessons From Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Today honors one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century. What can entrepreneurs learn from him?
Jan 20, 2020

NatGeo's Jason Silva On Cannabis, Psychology And 'The Psychedelic Renaissance'
The TV personality, filmmaker, speaker and futurist describes his journey with marijuana on the heels of a new podcast.
Jan 20, 2020

One Investment to Help You Sleep Better in 2020
It's time to invest in restful nights.
Jan 19, 2020

Why Being Kind to Yourself Is Key to Entrepreneurial Success
Once we silence our inner critic, we're free to live on our own terms.
Jan 19, 2020

How to Make Money as a Stay-at-Home Mom
Here are some ideas for moms to earn cash from home.
Jan 19, 2020

Crafting a Powerful Pitch With the 3-Minute Rule
Producer, director, and author Brant Pinvidic provides insights on mistakes people make when pitching their ideas to others.
Jan 19, 2020

Listen to Everything You Love Offline with Audials One 2020
You don't need an internet connection to stream your favorite audio.
Jan 19, 2020

Make Smarter Investment Decisions with These Courses
Learn how to gain a competitive advantage and work toward financial independence.
Jan 19, 2020

Why This Vegan Protein Powder May be Better for You
Vegan protein powder offers the same benefits of whey proteins without the drawbacks.
Jan 18, 2020

5 Management Rules for Being a Thoughtful, Effective Executive
Open communication and reasonable expectations are among the attributes of any admirable leader.
Jan 18, 2020

The Tennis Champion Who Serves Others
Murphy Jensen, co-founder of Weconnect Health Management, shares how understanding your ego can help to end destructive decision making.
Jan 18, 2020

How to Empower Your Employees to Be More Customer-Centric
A five-step plan for ensuring teams take the reins on consumer relationships.
Jan 18, 2020

3 Reasons You Should Finally Get ClassPass in 2020
It's is more than just a better bang for your buck.
Jan 18, 2020

This App Is a Complete Business Suite for New Entrepreneurs, and It's on Sale
Scale your business without scaling your overhead.
Jan 17, 2020

Live Podcast From The CBD Saturday Farmers Market
Listen in as vendors and industry experts share their wisdom on the business of CBD.
Jan 17, 2020

The Hot 25: The Hottest Cannabis Brands Of The Week (1/13-1/17), Powered By Pioneer Intelligence
Discover the most influential brands in the cannabis industry with Pioneer Intelligence's marketing analytics platform.
Jan 17, 2020

4 Ways Tech Can Improve Your Investment Strategy
Innovations have radically democratized investing, making it more transparent and easier to engage in.
Jan 17, 2020

How Startups Helped Birmingham Bounce Back
An abandoned Sears and a $550 million sale to Target are driving this Magic City.
Jan 17, 2020

5 Leadership Strategies to Improve Team Performance and Grow Your Small Business
The best ways to react when your team members seem uninspired and unmotivated.
Jan 17, 2020

Why Emotional Fundraising Is Bad for Your Business's Health
Bespoke Investment Group co-founder Paul Hickey on how to stop the capital killers inside each of us.
Jan 17, 2020

'The Bachelor''s Tayshia Adams Explains How CBD Has Helped Her Deal With The Anxiety Of Fame
The reality TV star talks about how she got into CBD and why she's become an advocate as she launches her own beauty line.
Jan 17, 2020

'The Bachelor's Tayshia Adams Explains How CBD Has Helped Her Deal With The Anxiety Of Fame
The reality TV star talks about how she got into CBD and why she's become an advocate as she launches her own beauty line.
Jan 17, 2020

Here's How I Started the Business That Appeared on 'Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch'
Recess & Results is a faith-based kids fitness program and turn-key business opportunity.
Jan 17, 2020

5 Must-Adopt Marketing Skills
Techniques and practices are always emerging and evolving, and marketers can't afford not to upskill.
Jan 17, 2020

This Nonprofit Uses a Shark Tank-Like Contest to Help Prisoners Become Entrepreneurs
Defy Ventures challenges convicted criminals to become CEO of their new life from behind bars.
Jan 17, 2020

Could a Journal Be The Next Productivity Game-Changer?
Self-reflection might make or break your chances of success.
Jan 17, 2020

Do You Drink More Coffee Than Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Other Creative Leaders?
See how your java ingestion stacks up against these super-wired creative thinkers.
Jan 17, 2020

Top 5 Must-Attend Events for Startups
Gain actionable insights and network with brilliant minds at these upcoming conferences and summits.
Jan 17, 2020

Microsoft to Go 'Carbon Negative' by 2030 to Combat Climate Change
Microsoft originally sought to become a 'carbon neutral' company, meaning it could generate carbon emissions as long as it offset them through other means, but "in short, neutral is not enough to address the world's needs," says Microsoft president Brad Smith.
Jan 17, 2020

Toyota Invests $349 Million in Flying Taxi Startup
The startup, Joby Aviation, is developing a piloted, five seat eVTOL
Jan 17, 2020

How to React When a Recession Is Approaching
When the market is taking a dip, here is how you can recover.
Jan 17, 2020

Why Lifelong Learning is the Key to Entrepreneurial Success
The key to success has less to do with obsessing over consuming the 'right kinds' of materials and more to do with how you use what you learn.
Jan 17, 2020

Business Idea of the Day: Makeup Artist
Know how to create art with powders, lipsticks and shadows? This could be the business for you.
Jan 17, 2020

Learn Graphic Design and Launch Your Own Business
Become your own boss when you learn professional graphic design skills.
Jan 17, 2020

How My $5,000 Student Loan Became a Multi-Million Dollar Business
Sometimes, the wisest investment is one in yourself.
Jan 17, 2020

Get a Workout Anywhere with These Affordable Kettlebells
Kettlebells offer great exercise potential without taking up too much space.
Jan 17, 2020

Scale a Business Online with These Growth Hacking Strategies
From Facebook Ads to SEO, this course covers it all.
Jan 17, 2020

Corona Is Launching a Hard Seltzer
Plus, a startup called raises $11 million, and an event company blends creativity and collaboration.

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