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Jul 05, 2022

Young VCs Are About to Face Their Greatest Test (a Downturn)
A generation of venture capital investors are about to find out how good they really are, as a market downturn shows who really did their research and who got caught up with the hype.
Jul 05, 2022

Empowering Your Team Should Be a Top Priority. Here's How to Start.
It's no easy feat to create an empowered team, but it's crucial for your organization's growth. Here are some ways managers can empower their employees to take charge.
Jul 05, 2022

How Success Happened for Meetup CEO David Siegel
David Siegel, CEO of Meetup, discusses his creative and persistent approach to problem-solving.
Jul 05, 2022

How Your Business Can Thrive in a Bear Market
In today's turbulent, hyper-inflated and globally-fragile environments, founders must build resiliency, manage cash flow and be ruthlessly vigilant as to which expansionary plans make the most financial and operational sense to pursue.
Jul 05, 2022

5 Ways to Delight Your Customers With Email
Are you using every email you send to delight your customers? Here are some great ways to do that -- and build more engagement.
Jul 05, 2022

Ethical Considerations of Digital Transformation
Companies undergoing digital evolutions can do the right thing for society and the planet with these key strategies.
Jul 05, 2022

Forget Tesla, Wall Street Thinks These 2 EV Stocks Could Double
The electric vehicle (EV) industry is expected to grow exponentially this year, thanks to strong consumer demand and favorable government initiatives. However, the EV giant Tesla (TSLA) is currently grappling...
Jul 05, 2022

I'm Leaving the Only Place I've Ever Called Home, Because My Biggest Fear Doesn't Matter
The routine, the familiar and the comfortable are the enemy of progress and evolution. To truly be great, you need to embrace monumental life changes and get comfortable being uncomfortable.
Jul 05, 2022

Amazon Prime Day Deals to Grab (And What To Pass On) -- Plus, How You Can Still Shop Small
It's the biggest (and debatably most overwhelming) online sale of the year. Here's how to stay organized and know which deals to grab, and which to scroll past.
Jul 05, 2022

2020 in Photos: A New Book Captured the Year that Changed Everything
Christina Hawatmeh, the CEO and founder of Scopio, a community-based image marketplace, talks about her new book, 'The Year Time Stopped: The Global Pandemic in Photos' with Entrepreneur's Jessica Abo.
Jul 05, 2022

How to Deal With the Most Annoying Person in the World (Your Past Self)
There is someone significant in your life who is lowering your self-esteem and squashing your productivity. Learn how to change that person so you can thrive.
Jul 05, 2022

Invest in Yourself With a Financial Services Franchise
Start a business with the potential to help others achieve long-term financial and retirement goals.
Jul 05, 2022

Forget Gas Prices -- Car Prices Have Reached Record Highs
'I joke with people that every new car purchase is a luxury car purchase, I don't care what you're buying.'
Jul 05, 2022

Is a Housing Market Correction Finally Underway?
Experts are saying the market is still "a bit rough right now," and may get worse before it gets better.
Jul 05, 2022

Customize Your Lighting With This Dual LED Lamp
Light up your workspace with this mother-daughter floor lamp.
Jul 05, 2022

11 of the Easiest Ways to Protect Your Retirement Money
It's no secret that it's hard to plan for retirement. ?In addition to growing a sizeable nest egg, you must protect it from ?external factors like market? ?volatility, inflation,? ?and...
Jul 05, 2022

Is Your Startup Failure Holding You Back?
Every person fails at some point in their? ?life. ?And, it's undoubtedly one of the scariest parts? ?of? ?starting? ?your? ?own? ?business. Though, that concern is valid. After all, it's...
Jul 05, 2022

5 Keys to Unlock Your Ideal Work-From-Home Fairytale
After over a decade of working from home, I've learned the secrets to a successful work-from-home routine. Here are some tips to sprinkle the fairy dust throughout your day.
Jul 05, 2022

Want to See the Future? Six Founders Share Their Secrets for Making Savvy Business Predictions
Entrepreneurs need to know what's coming, or at least make their best guess. Here, six founders explain how they work their crystal ball.
Jul 05, 2022

"There's Often No Right Answer": A Famous Economist Explains the Smartest Way to Tackle Life's "Wild Problems"
Russ Roberts knows that some of life's most important questions can't be quantified. But he has some ideas on how to try.
Jul 05, 2022

20 Thought-Provoking Journal Prompts to Help With Your Success
How putting pen to paper can fast-track your personal growth.
Jul 05, 2022

This Couple Escaped Arranged Marriages in Pakistan. Now They Run a $14 Million Brooklyn Shoe Brand
When Sidra Qasim and Waqas Ali landed in the U.S. not knowing a word of English, they had no idea how far their entrepreneurial journey would take them.
Jul 05, 2022

The Burgeoning Psychedelics Industry Is Full of Money and Good Intentions. But Can It Avoid All Of Cannabis's Mistakes?
There's a tipping point for every new industry. Psychedelics professionals are moving slowly, with caution, to be sure they tip in the right direction.
Jul 05, 2022

Stop Applying Old Methods to New Problems. It's Time to Start From Scratch.
It's scary to wipe the slate clean, and start over. But sometimes, trying to build on what you've done before can hold you back.
Jul 05, 2022

Get a 2012 MacBook Air for Less Than $300
This refurbished MacBook Air once cost $1,000.
Jul 05, 2022

How (and Why) You Need to Put Sustainability and Community Ahead of Fast Growth
These two key strategies will help businesses shift the way they approach growth, focus on sustainable development and enable them to move in the right direction.
Jul 05, 2022

Geoff Alexander of Wow Bao on Branding Dark Kitchens
Interview with Geoff Alexander, CEO and President of Wow Bao, about improving your online brand presence, digital ordering innovations, and letting go in order to grow.
Jul 05, 2022

3 Expert-Backed Strategies for Boosting Your Entrepreneurial Energy
Harness your mental, physical and emotional energy to keep motivated.
Jul 05, 2022

InfuSystem Holdings is Our Featured Stock of the Week…
Market conditions are changing. Concerns about recession are now more paramount than inflation. A winner of this changing dynamic is healthcare and biotech stocks. In today's article, I want to...
Jul 05, 2022

Hello Group Stock is Attractive Value Speculators
Chinese social media company Hello Group (NASDAQ: MOMO) stock has fallen (-34%) on the year despite being profitable.
Jul 05, 2022

Wall Street Likes These 3 Entertainment Stocks, but are They Worth Buying?
The entertainment industry witnessed a strong recovery after the reopening of the economy, but the current macroeconomic headwinds are hurting entertainment stocks. Wall Street analysts are still bullish on entertainment...
Jul 05, 2022

5 "Strong Buy" Stocks in The Top-Rated Industry
Amid a tight labor market, the heightened demand for labor in various industries should benefit the outsourcing and staffing services companies. The industry's solid growth prospects helped it earn the...
Jul 05, 2022

PetVivo Holdings Is A Growth Stock Worth a Look
The market conditions aren't screaming "buy growth stocks now" at us but that doesn't mean all growth stocks, like PetVivo (OTCMKTS: PETV), are or will suffer the same afflictions. PetVivo...
Jul 05, 2022

PVH Corp Stock Approaching Key Support Levels
Fashion brand PVH Corp (NYSE: PVH) stock is down (-47%) on the year but the Company is still profitable.
Jul 05, 2022

Two Pet Health Stocks To Watch And One To Avoid
Growth stocks have been getting pummeled this year due to fears of slowing growth, tightening margins, and recession but in some cases, the baby is getting tossed out with the...
Jul 05, 2022

Three (3) Top-Rated Dividend Payers Worth Your Attention
If you are positioning yourself for the second half of 2022 and for 2023 we urge quality over quantity. While not all segments and industries are in peril, it is...
Jul 05, 2022

4 Expert-Backed Strategies for Improving Your Communication Skills
Here are three communication skills every entrepreneur must have to foster a successful business.
Jul 05, 2022

5 Reasons to Climb Aboard Carnival Stock
The cruise industry has a secret weapon—major pent-up travel demand. This combined with the following five forces should keep the wind at Carnival's sails regardless of how choppy the economic...
Jul 05, 2022

Better Buy: 2 Traditional Semiconductor Stocks Wall Street Likes
Despite being walloped by rising interest rates and supply chain constraints, the surging demand for advanced and efficient semiconductor chips and rising investments should drive the semiconductor industry's growth. Therefore,...
Jul 05, 2022

MarketBeat Podcast: Is The Market Near a Bottom, Does it Matter?
Today's interview on The MarketBeat Podcast is a little different, in that you get a LOT of market perspective from someone who's been analyzing stocks from the ground up, for...
Jul 05, 2022

Institutional Support For KB Home Remains High
We highlighted KB Home (NYSE: KBH) earlier this year when it became apparent the institutions had put a bottom in the stock. While the market for KB Home has since...
Jul 05, 2022

This "Strong Buy" Stock Just Pumped Up its Dividend by 24%
KR recently approved a dividend increase of 24%, representing the company's solid cash flows. Also, given its lower valuation and impressive growth prospects, the stock could deliver solid returns. It...
Jul 04, 2022

Workplace Learning Is Broken. These 5 Steps Tell You How to Fix It.
With these training tips, your employees can be more engaged, prepared and set up for success.
Jul 04, 2022

Why You Need to Stop Micromanaging Your Team and Learn to Let Go
While micromanagement works for some people, most of the time, it's just better to avoid it altogether.
Jul 04, 2022

5 Tips for Balancing Full-Time Work and Family
Balancing a family and working full-time can be difficult, but here are five unique pieces of advice for accomplishing it.
Jul 04, 2022

The Apple iPad mini 4 Is Perfect for Business Travel
Get a refurbished version for more than $500 off.
Jul 04, 2022

Unionizing Isn't the Only Way to Restore Workers' Bargaining Power
Using technology to give workers more options can create a win-win situation in the labor market, with more efficient matching for open positions.
Jul 04, 2022

Seven Ways to Improve Employee Engagement for Remote Teams
You want to improve employee engagement, especially with your remote team — but how? The virtual office has become a lonely and quiet place recently, as more businesses are now...
Jul 04, 2022

Great Ads Are About Consumers, Not Technology
Too many of us have put technology first, ignoring the user experience and what consumers actually want. These tips will help you get back to the basics and focus on people, not tech.
Jul 04, 2022

CarMax Reports Strong Earnings - Buy, Sell, Hold?
Used car retailer CarMax (KMX) topped the consensus earnings estimates in its most recent quarter. However, it reported declining vehicle sales. The stock has plunged more than 25% this year....
Jul 04, 2022

5 Small-Cap Stocks Wall Street Thinks Could Double
Market volatility is rife amid the Fed's aggressive rate hikes and looming recession fears. However, despite the market fluctuations, Wall Street analysts expect quality small-cap stocks, Schrödinger (SDGR), First Advantage...
Jul 04, 2022

Selling Stuff as a Side Hustle
Who wouldn't want to make some extra cash on the side? People can consider making a side hustle out of selling old stuff. Measurable success depends on the time and...
Jul 04, 2022

How to Integrate Data-Driven Content Marketing Into Your Content Strategy
The meteoric rise in the impact of content in the role of business has led to businesses maximizing content marketing in different dimensions. With the dependence on data as a critical driver for business growth, ahead lies a goldmine waiting to be explored.
Jul 04, 2022

1 Energy Upgrade to Snap Up, and 1 Downgrade to Avoid
Energy stocks have been benefiting due to bullish investors' sentiments around this sector. Hence, oil and gas stock Marathon Petroleum (MPC) which was recently upgraded in our proprietary rating system,...
Jul 04, 2022

Take to the Skies With This Discounted Two-Drone Bundle
Chronicle your adventures from the sky with this dual drone deal.
Jul 04, 2022

Should You Buy Beaten-Down SoFi Technologies Stock?
Shares of SoFi Technologies (SOFI) are down more than 65% in price year-to-date. The stock has been under pressure due to the Education Department's repeated revisions of the end date...
Jul 04, 2022

Using MarketBeat Market Data Tools To Find Strong Stocks in a Bear Market
A bear market occurs when the underlying stock or index falls at least 20% from its highs for more than 60-days. Find stocks using MarketBeat tools.
Jul 04, 2022

How to Automatically Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value
Here are the basics of customer lifetime value, how to track it and how one personalized customer outreach strategy can dramatically boost your score and your income.
Jul 04, 2022

Palantir's Latest Plunge Makes it a Stock to Avoid
Amid macroeconomic uncertainty, it could be wise to dump fundamentally weak stocks to minimize your loss. Despite plunging 49% year-to-date, Palantir's (PLTR) valuation looks stretched. Also, the company has guided...
Jul 04, 2022

Accelerate Growth by Seeing Your Business Through Your Clients' Eyes
Being a client of my company before becoming its CEO helped me take the business to new heights.
Jul 04, 2022

5 Tips Every CEO Should Employ to Better Manage Investors and Their Board
Establish the groundwork for a long-lasting, successful relationship with your investors and board.
Jul 03, 2022

Scale Your Design Production Automatically with Robolly
The cloud service helps you personalize, streamline, and grow your visual marketing.
Jul 03, 2022

Use Calendar to Prioritize Time With Your Significant Others
Working in the office and working remotely contribute to fairly different lifestyles, but both share the burden of long hours. Remote work is even more conducive to long hours because...
Jul 03, 2022

20 Patriotic Movies and Series to Stream on July 4th
Looking to veg out with some truly American tales? These are the best patriotic movies and series streaming on Netflix, Amazon, and other top services.
Jul 03, 2022

This Clever Accessory Adds a Screen to Your Laptop
Plug in the TRIO MAX, and you have an extra monitor wherever you work.
Jul 02, 2022

Travel Smarter This Summer with This Rosetta Stone-Highlighted Bundle
A great way to learn languages, save money, and make sure you get the most out of every trip.
Jul 02, 2022

Recession is Here...Watch Out Below!
More and more it looks like recession is here. This includes a dramatic decline for ISM Manufacturing discovered this morning. As you likely know, most economist call manufacturing the "canary...
Jul 02, 2022

How To Scale Your Mobile App Production with a Developer Tool
Monday Hero converts your designs into mobile code so you can be more efficient.
Jul 02, 2022

The Most Important Hour of the Day for Entrepreneurs Isn't What You'd Think
To lead a business well, one hour daily is essential to maintain energy, focus and effectiveness.
Jul 02, 2022

Schnitzer Steel Witnesses A Strong Quarter On The Back Of Strong Domestic Demand
Temporary tailwinds continue to benefit Schnitzer Steel's earnings
Jul 01, 2022

Why Your Startup Needs an Advisory Board (and How to Choose the Right People)
Advisors are more than a wealth of knowledge; they're advocates for your business that you cannot go without.
Jul 01, 2022

How I Overcome Adversity and Roadblocks as a Digital Entrepreneur
Entrepreneurs have to be ready to get back up after getting hit by adversity. Here's how I did it and how you can too.
Jul 01, 2022

3 Ways Your Brain Reacts to Uncertainty
Here's Ben Angel's three-step plan to control your emotions and achieve your goals.
Jul 01, 2022

Corporate Reputation Management: To Sue or Not to Sue When Your Company's Competitors Go Negative
Here are some tips for emergency reputation management your company can used if it ever finds itself on the receiving end of corporate smear campaigns.
Jul 01, 2022

The Pros and Cons of a Co-CEO Model
In this retrospective, I share my experience as a co-CEO and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of this management approach.
Jul 01, 2022

6 Tech Challenges Facing Remote Real Estate Companies
Below is a list of the six greatest challenges companies face when implementing remote tech solutions. Spoiler: All of them can be overcome.
Jul 01, 2022

The (Good) "Caught Red-Handed" Management Culture
To become a successful business leader, you require many attributes. We can find these attributes in everyday life. Here are a couple of my snapshot lessons.
Jul 01, 2022

These Are America's 50 Most Patriotic Brands in 2022
Here are the top 50 brands consumers consider the most patriotic right now.
Jul 01, 2022

The FBI is Offering a $100,000 Reward for Missing Bulgarian 'Cryptoqueen' and Has Added Her to Its Top 10 Most-Wanted List
The FBI is offering up to $100,000 for information leading to Ruja Ignatova's arrest.
Jul 01, 2022

Is Radio Shack's Inappropriate Twitter Account a Genius Marketing Move or Just Another Annoying Troll?
The company's posts have been going viral on social media.
Jul 01, 2022

Is RadioShack's Inappropriate Twitter Account Genius Marketing or an Another Annoying Troll?
The company's posts have been going viral on social media.
Jul 01, 2022

A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Local Floral Shop
Using this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to start a local florist shop, from finding the right location to selecting inventory, hiring employees, and marketing to customers.
Jul 01, 2022

5 Ways to Start a Lucrative Real Estate Side Hustle
How to make money investing in properties.
Jul 01, 2022

Meetings Should Be Run Effectively To Be A Successful Leader
Leadership is shown in a variety of ways and locations. But, the most visible day-to-day expression is frequently how leaders conduct meetings. The criteria for leadership may not be fair...
Jul 01, 2022

How to Solve 'Botting' Problems in Retail and E-Commerce
If you're selling a hot product, chances are you are the target of automated checkout bots, which can cost you serious money. Here's what to do to stop the bots from taking over your business.
Jul 01, 2022

BlockFi CEO Denies Rumors of $25 Million Deal With FTX
Previous reports said FTX was buying BlockFi in a fire sale, but BlockFi's CEO is denying the claim.
Jul 01, 2022

Entrepreneurship Means Generational Independence. These Leaders of a 115-Year-Old Family Business Are Honoring the Past and Building for the Future.
Joyva's third- and fourth-generation leaders Richard Radutzky and Sandy Wiener know that respect, customer service and innovation go a long way towards growth -- and they're using that to pave the way for the brand's exciting future.
Jul 01, 2022

3 Consumer Goods Stocks Wall Street Predicts Will Gain 60% or More
Although consumer confidence has been declining amid the rising inflation, stable job growth and rising wages are expected to support consumer spending. Given this backdrop, Wall Street analysts see a...
Jul 01, 2022

Users Report Netflix Crash After 'Stranger Things 4' Volume 2 Premiere: 'Vecna's Laughing at Us'
The hugely popular (and expensive) show has broken Netflix viewing records.
Jul 01, 2022

Hate Networking? So Did I Until I Tried These Tricks
Networking is essential to success in the business world, even if not all of us like to do it.
Jul 01, 2022

With Recession Risk Rising These Sectors Should Outperform the Broader Market
In a not very surprising turn of events, the bear market bounce has failed as we've given up more than half of its gains. I, think it validates our decision...
Jul 01, 2022

These 2 Buy-Rated Stocks Just Increased Their Dividends
Rising concerns over the Fed's hawkish stance to curb the soaring inflation and the possibility of an economic downturn have kept the stock market volatile so far. Amid this scenario,...
Jul 01, 2022

The Formula for Success This Entrepreneur Used to Build a 50-Year-Old Brand
How Paul Barton turned his passion for music and engineering into an iconic company.
Jul 01, 2022

The 5 Best Credit Cards for Seniors and Retirees in 2022
Choosing the right credit card as a senior or retiree can sometimes be tricky. There are many options available, and it's essential to find one that offers the best benefits...
Jul 01, 2022

Save Your Next Job by Changing Your Office Reputation Now
Your workplace reputation is one of your most valuable professional assets.
Jul 01, 2022

'It Was Like a Drug': How Dave's Hot Chicken Grew a Cult Following in an East Hollywood Parking Lot
What started as a parking lot pop-up expanded to 67 locations in less than five years. Here's how Dave's Hot Chicken became one of the fastest-growing food chains in the country.
Jul 01, 2022

Mark Zuckerberg Told Meta Staff He's Upping Performance Goals to Get Rid of Employees Who 'Shouldn't Be Here,' Report Says
Zuckerberg said he hoped this would cause some employees to leave.
Jul 01, 2022

Top 4 Reasons the Cryptocurrency Market Is Crashing
What's behind the major downturn in the cryptocurrency market? Let's take a closer look.
Jul 01, 2022

3 No-Brainer Stocks to Buy in a Market Correction
The multi-decade high inflation and the Federal Reserve's constant efforts to fight it have recently caused massive corrections in the stock market. Amid the current uncertain economic conditions, it could...
Jul 01, 2022

The Billions Behind the Minions: What to Know About 'The Rise of Gru'
The Despicable Me franchise and its prequel Minions movies are among the top-grossing animated film franchises of all time.

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