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Oct 21, 2021

Hedge funds make millions as shares in Trump media Spac jump
DE Shaw, Saba Capital and others in line for windfall on deal with former US president's newly launched outlet - Hedge Funds
Oct 20, 2021

Against the herd: trader Mark Spitznagel on contrarian investing
The fund manager says embracing risk and losses in good times is the way to prosper in a crisis - Hedge Funds
Oct 13, 2021

Man Group: risk aversion brings in the assets
The UK hedge fund has a reputation for producing strong returns during prolonged market retreats - Hedge Funds
Oct 12, 2021

China becomes next big prize for quant funds
Improved access and ‘exploitable inefficiencies' attractive to big-name quants - Hedge Funds
Oct 12, 2021

Heavy retail trading lures quant funds to China markets
Improved access and ‘exploitable inefficiencies' attractive to big-name quants - Hedge Funds
Oct 12, 2021

Hedge funds snap up uranium in bet on green energy shift
This year nuclear fuel has risen in price to its highest level since 2012 - Hedge Funds
Oct 12, 2021

Hohn vs Odey: the hedge fund battle for the planet
Heavyweight investors clash over approach on climate change and companies - Hedge Funds
Oct 12, 2021

How Marc Lasry lost a $1m bet on Ozy Media but still has Billions
Hedge fund investor's eclectic interests have spanned The Weinstein Co and the Milwaukee Bucks - Hedge Funds
Oct 07, 2021

Hedge funds cash in as green investors dump energy stocks
Big institutions forced to exit oil and gas companies leaves hedge funds as only buyers - Hedge Funds
Oct 03, 2021

Ex-Elliott sovereign debt supremo gears up for final battle in India
After leading US hedge fund's 15-year fight against Argentina, Jay Newman is now taking on New Delhi - Hedge Funds
Sep 30, 2021

UK investors threaten Loeb's London group with court action
Shareholders frustrated over discount between share price and value of underlying assets - Hedge Funds
Sep 30, 2021

Activist fund Elliott targets Toshiba by building stake
People close to Japanese group say size does not exceed 5% - Hedge Funds
Sep 29, 2021

Key investments that pass my diversifier test
In a global market where everything seems correlated, finding assets that buck the trend can be tricky - Hedge Funds
Sep 27, 2021

Natural gas hedge fund Statar suffers $130m hit
Ron Ozer's vehicle was one of the world's top performers last year - Hedge Funds
Sep 25, 2021

Macro hedge funds find 2021 has not gone to script
Bond yields defy expectations of some of the big names in industry - Hedge Funds
Sep 24, 2021

Hedge funds reap windfall by betting on specialist commodity markets
Firms such as Man Group have gained from spiking gas prices and sharp moves in iron ore - Hedge Funds
Sep 23, 2021

Marblegate and Investcorp team up to scout targets as stimulus run down
Distressed-debt hedge fund focuses on middle-sized companies with backing from private equity group - Hedge Funds
Sep 22, 2021

Activist Bluebell takes stake in GSK to push for change at top
Hedge fund is pushing for chief executive Emma Walmsley to reapply for her job - Hedge Funds
Sep 20, 2021

Hedge fund Element hires former MPC member Gertjan Vlieghe
Element is one of world's biggest macro hedge funds with $15bn in assets - Hedge Funds
Sep 17, 2021

AQR hedge fund suffers $10bn in outflows
Client withdrawals knock assets despite a recovery across other portfolios - Hedge Funds
Sep 14, 2021

Hedge funds riding crypto wave post bumper returns
Latest gains lift 2021 returns to 145% while traditional equity and currency markets remain quiet - Hedge Funds
Sep 14, 2021

Hedge fund Elliott takes stake in energy group SSE
US investor is pushing for Scottish company to separate or sell its renewables business - Hedge Funds
Sep 13, 2021

Brevan Howard to ‘significantly expand' crypto asset push
Hedge fund appoints Colleen Sullivan to run new unit focused on digital assets - Hedge Funds
Sep 13, 2021

Beijing plans to break up Alipay, hedge funds flock to Silicon Valley
Chinese officials want to break up Alipay and create a separate app for Ant's loans business - Hedge Funds
Sep 10, 2021

Hedge funds crash the Silicon Valley party
Plus, a failed takeover attempt leaves two airlines charting their next moves, and an online gambling group hits a jackpot deal - Hedge Funds
Sep 09, 2021

Hedge funds muscle in to Silicon Valley with private deals
Deal value smashes records while investment vehicles hunt for new ways to fire up drab returns - Hedge Funds
Sep 02, 2021

Executives at hedge fund Renaissance to pay $7bn in back taxes
Founder Jim Simons will pay additional $670m in largest tax settlement in US history - Hedge Funds
Aug 26, 2021

US investors cut leverage for first time since start of pandemic
Borrowings to buy securities dipped to lowest level since March - Hedge Funds
Aug 26, 2021

US investors cut leverage for first time since start of the pandemic
Borrowings to buy securities dipped from record $882bn to the lowest level since March - Hedge Funds
Aug 25, 2021

Distressed debt funds sparkle in Covid recovery
Rapid return to form for struggling companies makes troubled debt specialists stand out - Hedge Funds
Aug 17, 2021

Are hedge funds charting a comeback?
Plus, Aon's chief executive looks to clinch smaller deals after a derailed megamerger and dealmakers see dollar signs in luxury travel - Hedge Funds
Aug 15, 2021

A hedge fund revival? Industry hopes a dismal decade is over
Although the sector is enjoying a pandemic renaissance, some leading investors still believe many funds do not justify the high fees - Hedge Funds
Aug 08, 2021

Reflation trade losses pile up for hedge funds in July
Fall in benchmark bond yields proves painful for investors betting on higher inflation - Hedge Funds
Aug 07, 2021

Hedge fund that won on GameStop extends gains to $1.6bn
Senvest continues strong run after backing consoles retailer with bets on energy and tech stock - Hedge Funds
Aug 05, 2021

Hedge fund Odey lines up bets against ‘meme stock' favourite AMC
Asset manager says surge in retail buying has generated ‘major distortions' in cinema chain's share price - Hedge Funds
Aug 05, 2021

Hedge funds betting on bond market anomalies hit $1tn in assets mark
Strategy blamed for turmoil in sprawling US Treasury market remains subdued even as broader assets rise - Hedge Funds
Aug 04, 2021

French fund manager to launch first EU-regulated bitcoin tracker
Melanion Capital seeks to tap into booming crypto interest with new Ucits vehicle - Hedge Funds
Aug 02, 2021

Allianz: why perfect hedges are perfect nonsense
A cautionary tale on offering supposedly protected returns - Hedge Funds
Aug 02, 2021

Hedge funds pounce on private investing deals in PE challenge
Lucrative gains and the opportunity to bypass overcrowded IPOs seen as some advantages - Hedge Funds
Aug 02, 2021

Hedge funds enter private equity turf with deals for unlisted companies
Buying into private companies seen as way to bypass overcrowded IPOs - Hedge Funds
Jul 29, 2021

Credit Suisse/Archegos: Hwang prang reveals bankers as hostages to fortune
Executives wilfully ignored every bell, buzzer and klaxon of the risk alarm systems - Hedge Funds
Jul 28, 2021

Man Group posts tenfold gain in performance fees
Hedge fund's ‘blowout' results signal a change in fortune for wider sector - Hedge Funds
Jul 27, 2021

Tiger Global: the technology investor ruffling Silicon Valley feathers
The firm's swift decisions, high valuations and backing of rival start-ups sets it apart from typical venture capitalists - Hedge Funds
Jul 23, 2021

Hedge funds back away from Binance after regulatory assault
Several specialist funds cut exposure to crypto exchange after flurry of warnings from watchdogs - Hedge Funds
Jul 21, 2021

UBS launches portfolio to invest in women-led hedge funds
Carmen seeks to tap interest of large investors seeking more diversity - Hedge Funds
Jul 14, 2021

Hedge fund Sand Grove appoints Citi prime-broking executive as CEO
Appointment of Daniel Caplan comes as special situations funds are looking to tap into M&A surge - Hedge Funds
Jul 08, 2021

Opec ‘gets a pass to lift oil prices' as hedging losses hobble US shale
American producers lose billions of dollars after locking in sales at lower prices - Hedge Funds
Jul 06, 2021

Marshall Wace to make foray into investing in crypto sector
London hedge fund plans to scoop up stakes in privately held digital asset companies - Hedge Funds
Jul 05, 2021

Lars Windhorst under investigation by criminal prosecutors
BaFin filed complaint over potential illegal banking activity by German financier - Hedge Funds
Jun 29, 2021

Reflation trade unwind wrongfoots several big-name hedge funds
Bets on higher inflation ‘rinsed' after Federal Reserve takes more hawkish rate outlook - Hedge Funds
Jun 28, 2021

Courts struggle to keep up with canny Wall St in credit disputes
Billions flowing into funds investing in distressed debt have upped the ante on opportunism - Hedge Funds
Jun 25, 2021

Hedge funds rethink tactics after $12bn hit from meme stock army
Short sellers on guard over risk that day trader sprees could trigger ‘extinction-level events' - Hedge Funds
Jun 24, 2021

BlackRock and Citadel cut Morrisons bets after share price surge
Several big investors were caught out by an unsolicited approach for UK supermarket group - Hedge Funds
Jun 22, 2021

Hedge fund that bet against GameStop shuts down
White Square move marks one of first closures of fund hit by surges in so-called meme stocks - Hedge Funds
Jun 15, 2021

Vivendi/Dan Loeb: gatecrashers have slim chance of beating Bolloré
Activist investors must keep their nerve to influence the party - Hedge Funds
Jun 15, 2021

Hedge funds expect to hold 7 per cent of assets in crypto within 5 years
Forecast could equate to about $312bn in digital currencies across the industry, survey finds - Hedge Funds
Jun 15, 2021

Hedge funds expect to hold 7% of assets in crypto within five years
Forecast could equate to about $312bn in digital currencies across the industry, survey finds - Hedge Funds
Jun 14, 2021

Third Point builds stake in Vivendi as Universal vote looms
Activist fund's ‘substantial' position comes as Ackman Spac tries to clinch deal for share in music group - Hedge Funds
Jun 14, 2021

CLOs draw in new support after showing resilience
Hedge fund Diameter lines up 6 launches of loan-backed debt vehicles after $250m seed funding - Hedge Funds
Jun 11, 2021

Man Group's CIO Sandy Rattray to leave hedge fund firm
Move triggers reshuffle of London-based group's senior management - Hedge Funds
Jun 11, 2021

Man Group's CIO Sandy Rattray to leave in management reshuffle
Hedge fund fared better than some rivals during pandemic but investment performance has faltered - Hedge Funds
Jun 11, 2021

US bond rally eases pressure on emerging market hedge funds
Pharo Management pares losses but main funds still in the red this year - Hedge Funds
Jun 10, 2021

US hedge funds Melvin and Light Street extend losses
Industry estimated to have lost $6bn shorting five meme stocks since start of May - Hedge Funds
Jun 10, 2021

Melvin and Light Street suffer as meme stocks rally again
Losses for hedge funds total about $6bn since the start of May - Hedge Funds
Jun 09, 2021

Andurand hires top environmental analyst in green fund push
Former BNP Paribas chief sustainability strategist Mark Lewis set to join - Hedge Funds
Jun 05, 2021

Hedge fund stars shy away from the limelight
Many of the biggest names in industry prefer to manage money without dealing with external investors - Hedge Funds
Jun 04, 2021

Tiger Cubs: How Julian Robertson built a hedge fund dynasty
Psychoanalysis, a ‘hyper-competitive' environment and vigorous debate shaped a generation of top investors - Hedge Funds
Jun 04, 2021

Tiger's Julian Robertson bets big tech stocks will keep marching higher
Veteran investor says he sees ‘good value' even after share prices have soared in recent years - Hedge Funds
Jun 03, 2021

Engine No 1, the giant-killing hedge fund, has big plans
After forcing its way on to Exxon's board, the newly minted activist investor is ready to raise more cash - Hedge Funds
Jun 03, 2021

Engine No 1, the giant-killing hedge fund, has big plans of its own
After forcing its way on to Exxon's board, the newly minted activist investor is ready to raise more cash - Hedge Funds
Jun 02, 2021

‘Game over': Investors hunt for new model after years of broad gains
Stocks and bonds rally has left asset managers seeking ways to secure long-term returns - Hedge Funds
Jun 01, 2021

Mudrick nets swift profit from AMC shares as meme stock frenzy returns
Hedge fund disclosed $230m in cinema chain and sold it within hours - Hedge Funds
May 27, 2021

Hedge fund that beat ExxonMobil says it will have to cut oil output
Activist Engine No 1 won at least two seats on major's board while raising climate alarms - Hedge Funds
May 27, 2021

Daniel Loeb faces taste of his own medicine in UK investment trust tussle
Asset Value Investors complains about performance of well-known activist's fund - Hedge Funds
May 26, 2021

‘It's wild out there': crypto firms lure top bankers in price boom
Executives poached from big groups including Goldman Sachs and hedge fund Bridgewater - Hedge Funds
May 26, 2021

A qualitative guide to the quants
What to look for in a manager after a dark winter for the sector - Hedge Funds
May 25, 2021

Morgan Stanley's prime brokerage head steps down
Ed Keller oversaw division that lost $911m in Archegos collapse - Hedge Funds
May 25, 2021

Wellington hedge fund Salthill suffers losses in biotech missteps
Fund drew in large inflows but has struggled to navigate sector since pandemic struck - Hedge Funds
May 24, 2021

US hedge fund Schonfeld enters macro trading with ex-Citadel hire
Inflation fears help sustain investors' interest in funds that make bets across currencies and bonds - Hedge Funds
May 23, 2021

High-profile hedge funds make bet on little-known oil company
Taconic Capital, CQS and Kite Lake Capital are among funds backing Noreco, with a market cap of £270m - Hedge Funds
May 17, 2021

Elliott says one of America's largest utilities should be split in three
Activist hedge fund targets Duke Energy for break-up, accusing management of ‘empire building' - Hedge Funds
May 16, 2021

Control of Tribune media group looks set to go to hedge fund
Long-shot efforts to block Alden's takeover of the US company have fallen apart - Hedge Funds
May 14, 2021

Hedge funds look to tap into surge in corporate dealmaking
Merger arbitrage performance bounces back after last year's ‘arb-ageddon' shook up strategy - Hedge Funds
May 11, 2021

UK hedge fund Gladstone wrongfooted by powerful market rotations
Bets against a clutch of European stocks disrupted by improving global outlook - Hedge Funds
May 07, 2021

Bill Hwang provided seed funding for Ark ETFs, Cathie Wood reveals
Founder of collapsed family office Archegos was crucial in early days of tech-focused asset manager - Hedge Funds
May 07, 2021

Hedge fund executive sentenced to 6 months in jail for bankruptcy fraud
Marble Ridge founder Dan Kamensky had pleaded guilty to misconduct during bankruptcy of Neiman Marcus - Hedge Funds
May 06, 2021

Fed warns of hidden leverage lurking in financial system
Central bank says Archegos collapse shows it lacks tools to see full extent of risk-taking - Hedge Funds
May 06, 2021

Yale endowment chief David Swensen dies aged 67
Pioneering manager helped revolutionise how institutions controlled their money - Hedge Funds
May 06, 2021

Yale endowment's David Swensen dies
The pioneering manager revolutionised how institutions manage their money - Hedge Funds
May 06, 2021

Philippe Jabre's son launches fund focused on ‘conscious capitalism'
Jabre Capital is targeting investments in areas such as renewable energy and online education - Hedge Funds
May 01, 2021

Hedge funds confused by turns in markets
Many are struggling to cope with asset prices moving in ways they would not normally expect - Hedge Funds
Apr 27, 2021

Anatomy of a hedge fund hack
Complexity of scams, and the time and money fraudsters are prepared to invest, highlight growing threat to smaller firms - Hedge Funds
Apr 22, 2021

Swedish quant fund IPM to close after assets tumble
Fund posted a string of weak returns as it struggled to navigate choppy markets - Hedge Funds
Apr 22, 2021

‘Quant winter' thaw ends long spell of drab returns for funds
AQR among the big names on the rebound as new phase of pandemic shakes up asset markets - Hedge Funds
Apr 22, 2021

Hedge fund Odey takes short bet against Deliveroo
Advisers had blamed short sellers for contributing to the food delivery company's share price plunge on its market debut - Hedge Funds
Apr 20, 2021

Will hedge fund Elliott prescribe GSK a hefty dose of activism?
It has quietly built up a multibillion-dollar stake in the struggling drugmaker - Hedge Funds
Apr 20, 2021

Swedish hedge fund IPM hit as pandemic upends quant models
Abrupt economic swings have created a tough environment for ‘macro' managers - Hedge Funds
Apr 16, 2021

Man/hedge funds: momentous times give quants a reset
Hedge fund group's one-year performance could have been stronger but the outlook is rosier - Hedge Funds
Apr 16, 2021

Man Group/hedge funds: momentous times give quants a reset
Hedge fund group's one-year performance could have been stronger but the outlook is rosier - Hedge Funds
Apr 16, 2021

Bernard Madoff, criminal financier, 1938-2021
Former Nasdaq chair who ran the world's largest Ponzi scheme

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