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Dec 09, 2018

Stop Playing Small
If we're not failing, we are staying too safe. And you won't grow unless you are constantly making yourself uncomfortable.
Dec 08, 2018

Give Your Audience What They Want on Social Media Before Pushing Your Agenda
Blake Lawrence, CEO and co-founder of opendorse, talks about the advice he gives the athletes he works with for building on their fan base.
Dec 07, 2018

Is It Time to Start Worrying About the Stock Market?
The market fell again on Friday.
Dec 07, 2018

This Simple Change Can Make More Prospects Say "Yes" to Your Offers
Give your potential clients and customers something easy to agree on first, then work from there.
Dec 07, 2018

Too Much Sleep Can Kill You, Scientists Say
Routinely sleeping more than six to eight hours a night ups your risk of a cardiovascular problem or even death, says a new European study.
Dec 07, 2018

How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
If you try to go too far, too fast, you risk 'snapping back.'
Dec 07, 2018

Don't Go It Alone: How to Use Partnerships as a Growth Strategy
Partnerships reduce costs and help companies operate more efficiently.
Dec 07, 2018

Let's Get Digital: How to Actualize Your Transformation to Better Serve Your Customers
A complete digital transformation of your and everyone else's industry is closer than you think. Start planning your own with these 3 steps.
Dec 07, 2018

Why Your Network Is Your Net Worth
Jessica Abo sits down with Halstead Manhattan salesperson Mark D. Friedman to discuss the art of networking.
Dec 07, 2018

Female Road Warriors: How to Protect Yourself When Traveling for Work
Follow these tips to stay safe while on the road.
Dec 07, 2018

How to Best Use an Answering Service to Convert Those After-Hour Calls You've Been Missing
Having somebody available to pick up the phone after hours may be worth every penny you pay.
Dec 07, 2018

Shannon Keith Is Fighting Sex Trafficking in India, One Beautiful Pajama Set at a Time
Keith's clothing line, Sudara, is putting women to work, helping them escape the brothels that so often thrive on poverty.
Dec 07, 2018

Here's Every State's Favorite Holiday Movie (Infographic)
New York is partial to The Apartment, while Georgia went with Gremlins. See where your favorite film stacked up.
Dec 07, 2018

The Price Is Right: How to Price Your Product for Long-Term Success
Here are five things to consider when you set the price for your product.
Dec 07, 2018

This Week in Weed: Marlboro Ready to Buy Marijuana?!
Michigan ends prohibition, big tobacco eyes the bud game, and counterfeit carts hit the black market.
Dec 07, 2018

Plan the Perfect Presentation for Your Audience With These 5 Tips
Business professionals are busy. Make sure they feel like your presentation is worth their time.
Dec 07, 2018

See Your Credit Score Jump Up Dramatically With These Easy Tips
By making an effort to pay outstanding balances and prevent debt from piling up, you will see a difference in your credit.
Dec 07, 2018

Why Thinking Negatively Isn't Always a Bad Thing
Contrary to what you've always been told, thinking negatively can very much be a good thing.
Dec 07, 2018

Kickstart a Lucrative Data Science Career for Less Than $50
Don't miss this great deal for pursuing the No. 1 job in the U.S.
Dec 07, 2018

How Millennials are Marketing to Gen Z
Traditional marketing is useless.
Dec 07, 2018

Anheuser-Busch's New York Office is Home to the Workplace Brewery of Your Dreams
The casual workplace culture keeps the beer giant's staff happy and collaborative.
Dec 07, 2018

How This Brand Is Making Cannabis Feel Like a Luxury
Plastic baggies? Forget it! Canndescent is selling its product in high-end packaging that consumers will be proud of.
Dec 07, 2018

What Being Embezzled Out of $5 Million Taught Me About Forgiveness and Moving on
Here's what it takes to get past an unfortunate event in your business.
Dec 07, 2018

Will Smith and Shaq Invest in a Sleep-Tracking Smart Ring
Plus, there's a new startup that helps you straighten your teeth and a floral startup raised $2.5 million in seed funding.
Dec 07, 2018

3 Ways to Check That Your Business Values Are Being Lived by Your Employees
Get closer to achieving the 'Hero Factor' status you deserve by double-checking that your company is truly expressing your business values.
Dec 07, 2018

6 Simple Ways Founders Can Inspire Their First Employees
Treat everyone with respect, from the chairman of the board to the part-time maintenance worker.
Dec 06, 2018

Can Facebook and Amazon Save the Stock Market?
The stock market was down today, but FANG stocks were still up.
Dec 06, 2018

How This Entrepreneur Bounced Back After Losing a Partnership, Laying Off Her Team and Dealing with $100 Million at Stake
Kate Stillwell, founder and CEO of Jumpstart, a natural disaster insurance startup, built her company back up after a devastating blow.
Dec 06, 2018

How You Should Be Rethinking Social to Minimize Your Next Brand Crisis
In a crisis, brands with a strong social strategy have much more influence than their print-limited predecessors ever did.
Dec 06, 2018

How One Entrepreneur Is Trying to Solve Diversity Problems at the Executive Level
Jessica Abo sits down with Joe Meyer, the founder and CEO of ExecThread, to discuss how his platform is helping underrepresented professionals gain greater access to high ranking roles at leading organizations around the world.
Dec 06, 2018

How to Thrive on Change
Smart entrepreneurs will realize that the current scale of disruption should not freak or destabilize.
Dec 06, 2018

Oregon Marijuana Sales Soared 29 Percent in 2018. So Why Aren't More Entrepreneurs Happy?
According to a new state report, tax revenue is way above projections, but prices are down.
Dec 06, 2018

3 DIY Home-Selling Secrets That Real Estate Agents Don't Want You to Know
How homeowners can become successful home sellers.
Dec 06, 2018

How One Founder Breaks Free From Statistics and Labels
Many descriptors can apply to Trumbull Unmanned Founder Dyan Gibbens: veteran, mom, entrepreneur, Latina, pilot, role breaker; she says none of that completely defines her.
Dec 06, 2018

How to Use Social Media to Get Millennials to Buy From You
By following these tips, you'll be sure to create a digital presence that captivates millennial consumers.
Dec 06, 2018

Your Distractions Are Killing You -- and Your Bottom Line
These three simple tricks will transform the way you work.
Dec 06, 2018

The Advantages YouTube Ads Have Over Facebook Ads
Marketer John Crestani shares some of his favorite tactics for getting the word out on his products.
Dec 06, 2018

What to Do When Ambition and Motherhood Feel Like a Zero-Sum Game
For many professional women, the choice between returning to work full-time or staying home full-time can be complicated. Here are some suggestions to keep it from feeling like a no-win proposition.
Dec 06, 2018

Your Startup Needs Brand Ambassadors Now More than Ever -- Here's How to Get Them
How do you woo the brand ambassadors you want? Follow these four steps.
Dec 06, 2018

15 Biggest Money-Making Criminals of All Time
The inside finances of the world's most law-adverse entrepreneurs.
Dec 06, 2018

The Facebook Papers Are a Timely Reminder That Mark Zuckerberg Is Totally Ruthless About Making Money
Facebook is a money-making juggernaut, not a philanthropic endeavor.
Dec 06, 2018

How 'Good Design' Will Help Your Ecommerce Business Grow Faster Than Ever
If your website takes more than four seconds to load, you've already lost a quarter of your visitors.
Dec 06, 2018

Millennials Prefer Amazon to Sex, a Rapper Sues 'Fortnite' and Babies Are Being Named for Groceries (60-Second Video)
Here are three things entrepreneurs should know today.
Dec 06, 2018

The 5 Types of People You Need to Create Startup Ecosystems That Last
Every community has this store of human capital. It's a matter of marshaling it correctly
Dec 06, 2018

What Crashing Autonomous Cars Tell Us About the Future of Product Liability
Will self-driving cars end up making our roads more dangerous? More importantly, who will be held responsible when the inevitable happens?
Dec 06, 2018

Glassdoor's Best Places to Work for 2019
Bain & Company takes the #1 spot.
Dec 06, 2018

17 Best Holiday Cocktails to Take Your Office Party to the Next Level
'Tis the season to toast a year of hard work.
Dec 06, 2018

How to Create a Millennial Brand That Your Audience Will Come Back to Over and Over
To carve out an area you will excel at, you should get specific as possible.
Dec 06, 2018

How to Become a Social Media Marketing Pro for Less Than $20
Do you have what it takes to organize the next viral campaign?
Dec 06, 2018

How This Haitian Designer Ascended the Ranks of the Fashion World to Win Its Most Prestigious Award
Growing up in Brooklyn with a single parent, this young designer describes his incredible story to Gerard Adams.
Dec 06, 2018

3 Previously Unimaginable Projects Your Startup Team Could Deploy With an Agile Approach
An agile approach won't cure all that ails you, but it can help you achieve a few goals that you might think are out of reach.
Dec 06, 2018

Six Entrepreneurs Share Tricks For Diffusing Office Conflict
Arguments are bound to happen. Here's how to deal with them.
Dec 06, 2018

What Cannabis Businesses Can Learn from the Sex-Toy Industry
Social media won't accept advertising from either industry. Here's the work-around.
Dec 06, 2018

7 Ways to Recover After a Reputation Crisis
It takes a solid strategy, self-discipline and patience to reshape public perception.
Dec 06, 2018

How Magic Johnson and Hulk Hogan's Agent Fell So Far
Darren Prince, founder and CEO of Prince Marketing Group, discusses the impact that substance abuse had on his career as a sports agent, and what he learned about creating success in the sports industry.
Dec 06, 2018

3 Energy-Draining Habits That Undermine Your Health and Waste Your Money
Not properly addressing small everyday habits is costing you money and affecting your health.
Dec 06, 2018

The 4 Biggest Mistakes Companies Make When Scaling Their Business
Find out how to avoid them.
Dec 06, 2018

7 Ways to Create a Life of Success Without Ceilings
Success without ceilings keeps us inspired, growing and creative.
Dec 05, 2018

Rising Interest Rates Are Creating Refinancing Headaches for Small Businesses
As re-appraisals drop, businesses should consider SBA-backed loans as a way out
Dec 05, 2018

Entrepreneurs Are the Celebrities of the Business World
Why are entrepreneurs so compelling and how does their value translate for good?
Dec 05, 2018

Use This Popular Tool to Maximize Productivity During Employee Downtime
What if there was a way for business leaders to recoup lost time, to stem the steady flow of dollars in lost productivity?
Dec 05, 2018

The Next Big Cannabis Opportunity? Mills to Process Industrial Hemp.
Hemp is likely to soon be a major domestic crop but the nation has nearly no capacity to process the tough fiber.
Dec 05, 2018

6 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged During the Holiday Season
In the workplace it can be hard to balance a festive atmosphere while simultaneously keeping employees focused and productive.
Dec 05, 2018

This Instagram Photographer Snaps Gorgeous Photos of Cozy Cabins and Fall Foliage. He Also Charges $5,000 Per Post.
Kyle Finn Dempsey's feed is a love letter to the northeast, brimming with homey log cabins, aerial shots of changing leaves and classic vehicles driving along snow-lined roads.
Dec 05, 2018

How This Founder Overcame Roadblocks When Launching a Financial Services Business Just After the Recession
Financeit's CEO speaks about how some positive press helped the company build its customer base.
Dec 05, 2018

We Grew a Company From 12 to 150 Employees in 4 Years. Here's What We Did Wrong.
These are the four mistakes fast-growing companies typically make.
Dec 05, 2018

Uh-oh: What If Your Employees Don't Like Your Holiday Gift? Here's How to Avoid That Fate.
A new survey reveals the three biggest reasons why your gift was a loser.
Dec 05, 2018

Investments in Your Children's Future Are the Best 'Gifts' You Can Give Them This Holiday
Learn about four investments you can make to protect your kids long-term.
Dec 05, 2018

Is 'Smart Compose' Taking the Words Right out of Your Mouth? How AI is Changing the Way We Communicate.
From chatbots to rideshares, AI's influence is inescapable. But what's the impact on our communication?
Dec 05, 2018

MIT Researchers Create a Robot Houseplant That Moves on Its Own
This will all be fine.
Dec 05, 2018

How to Successfully Fail in 3 Easy Steps
Brandon Steiner, founder and CEO of Steiner Sports Marketing, on knowing when to hang tough and knowing when to say enough.
Dec 05, 2018

5 Tips to Improve Focus and Get Things Done
It is possible to manage distractions to ensure our attention is placed on the right things at the right time so that we are effective and productive.
Dec 05, 2018

Mark Cuban Said Running for President Would be the 'Definition of Bad Parenting' But He Might Go for It Anyway
Cuban, an unabashed critic of President Donald Trump, has teased a 2020 run in the past.
Dec 05, 2018

How to Collaborate With Difficult People and New York City Rideshare App Drivers Get a Raise (60-Second Video)
Stay in the know in 60 seconds.
Dec 05, 2018

6 Common Career Mistakes You Must Avoid
Everyone is different, but the mistakes they make are remarkably similar.
Dec 05, 2018

Got 15 Minutes? Improve your Financial Health With These Quick Tips.
Finding time to make a few adjustments will make a big difference in your finances in the long run.
Dec 05, 2018

Be More Efficient: A Can't-Miss Deal for Learning 'Six Sigma' and 'Lean'
Get certified in these highly regarded schools of thought for less than $80.
Dec 05, 2018

5 Signs Your Employer Brand Is in Trouble
For every six employees, there is one doing what he or she can to tear your brand apart.
Dec 05, 2018

How MedMen Is Making Marijuana Mainstream
MedMen's Adam Bierman wants to build the Wal-Mart of weed.
Dec 05, 2018

Why Floyd Obsessed Over This Detail of Its Ikea-Inspired Bookshelf
Easy of use and strength was key to creating a product that would last.
Dec 05, 2018

This Cookie Company Founder Always Sensed He Would Be an Entrepreneur
The Lenny and Larry exec felt his dedication to triumph, no matter what, would help him succeed.
Dec 05, 2018

Waking Up at 5 a.m. Isn't Enough to Make You a Successful Entrepreneur
It's what you do with your hours -- and how you identify your 'prime time' -- that makes the difference.
Dec 05, 2018

Your Startup Is Dying -- Now What?
At a certain point, your best move is to admit defeat and move on.
Dec 05, 2018

Human Tech Support Still Has a Future
Tech will empower, not replace, human beings.
Dec 05, 2018

10 Influencer Marketing Trends to Keep Your Eye On
The key is to success is to integrate influencers into your marketing team.
Dec 05, 2018

Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch Season 3 Episode 12: What Are You Going to Do With Our $400,000?
The judges hear some excellent pitches, but only manage to come to an agreement with one startup.
Dec 04, 2018

Possible Trade War Sends Stock Market Into Decline
Stock prices fell sharply on Tuesday, and it's not hard to see why.
Dec 04, 2018

The Green Industry Goes White Collar
As the cannabis industry changes so does the makeup of its workforce.
Dec 04, 2018

I Co-Founded a Company With My Best Friend, and 10 Years Later Our Partnership Is Stronger Than Ever
We've managed to keep our business -- and our friendship -- going by following these five practices.
Dec 04, 2018

Improve Your Spine and Feel Amazing
Sitting at a computer all the time can put a lot of stress on our bodies.
Dec 04, 2018

When Women Are Chronically Unhappy at Work and How to Fix it
No matter how much you love what you do, you may be unhappy at work. Thankfully, it doesn't have to be permanent.
Dec 04, 2018

Why Continual Personal Development is Pivotal to All Business Success
Doing regular mental health checks should be a regular part of your routine. Take the time because it's that important.
Dec 04, 2018

Bill Gates's Top 5 Books to Read and Gift This Year
The Microsoft founder's 2018 book roundup covers everything from meditation to autonomous weapons.
Dec 04, 2018

Wish You Were Smarter? Check out These 4 Brain Hacks That Can Help You Get There.
Classical music, salmon for dinner and a technique that TV's 'Sherlock' uses are among the steps you can take towards greater brainpower.
Dec 04, 2018

You Don't Have to Be the Loudest Voice in the Room to Make an Impact
It's time for introverts to change the mold of what success looks like in an extroverted world.
Dec 04, 2018

Tesla Refutes Timeline, ADL Awards Tim Cook and Quora Breach Hits 100 Million (60-Second Video)
Here are three things entrepreneurs should know today.
Dec 04, 2018

Are You a Boss or a Leader?
Bosses command, leaders influence.
Dec 04, 2018

Tax Deductions 2018: 42 Tax Write-Offs You May Not Know About
Know these 2018 tax deduction changes when filing in 2019.
Dec 04, 2018

A 7-Year-Old Boy Is Making $22 Million a Year on YouTube Reviewing Toys
Ryan of YouTube's Ryan ToysReview checks out new toys in videos that his family produces.
Dec 04, 2018

Tesla Shoots Down Leaked Model Y Production Schedule
The documents said it planned to produce 7,000 Model SUVs a week at its Gigafactory 1.

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