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Jan 17, 2020

Shares in Vodafone's India venture plunge after court ruling
Vodafone Idea hit after Supreme Court upholds decision on repayment of retrospective spectrum and licence fees - Telecoms
Jan 16, 2020

India mobile storm blows in Reliance Jio's favour
Remaining rivals of Mukesh Ambani's group face struggle to survive after $13bn levy - Telecoms
Jan 15, 2020

Huawei/US sanctions: call to arms
Chinese group's suppliers will be biggest casualties of expanded action by Washington - Telecoms
Jan 15, 2020

Liberty chooses new Virgin Media CFO as part of overhaul
Former UPC chief Severina Pascu joins at critical time for UK broadband group - Telecoms
Jan 13, 2020

US presses Johnson with dossier on Huawei security risk
‘Madness' to use China telecoms group on UK 5G rollout, claim intelligence files - Telecoms
Jan 13, 2020

Brazil 5G auction delay dents country's tech ambitions
Move to hold back spectrum sale offers Brasilia breathing space over decision on Huawei involvement - Telecoms
Jan 13, 2020

Brazil 5G auction delayed in setback to rollout plans
Spectrum sale expected to be one of world's biggest but rules still not agreed - Telecoms
Jan 12, 2020

MI5 head shrugs off Huawei risk to intelligence sharing
UK set to decide on allowing Chinese equipment into 5G network in face of US lobbying - Telecoms
Jan 10, 2020

The dwindling global telecoms dream
Telecoms companies no longer seem close to the vision to dominate the market worldwide - Telecoms
Jan 09, 2020

Apple/5G: speed freaks
Smartphone makers will need to raise prices to really benefit from the 5G revolution - Telecoms
Jan 08, 2020

Ofcom sets out plan for rapid investment in rural broadband
Regulator proposes loosening regulation of wholesale charges to cut costs of new fibre networks - Telecoms
Jan 02, 2020

Crunch time for tycoon as Digicel bond clouds loom
Ireland's richest man O'Brien faces struggle to refinance former cash cow's debt pile - Telecoms
Dec 30, 2019

Huawei shrugs off US sanctions as sales grow 18%
Revenues hit $122bn in 2019 as Chinese technology group rebuilt supply chain - Telecoms
Dec 30, 2019

Why the global telecoms dream turned sour
Rapid expansion of mobile networks fuelled hopes of empires but now the industry is consolidating - Telecoms
Dec 27, 2019

Forecasting the world in 2020
FT writers share their predictions for the new year, from Boris Johnson and the EU to China telecoms - Telecoms
Dec 22, 2019

Pentagon wants open-source 5G plan to take on Huawei
Telecoms equipment makers urged to join forces to end dominance of Chinese company - Telecoms
Dec 22, 2019

Vodafone nears full-fibre deal with Goldman-backed telecoms group
Deal would be catalyst for new investments by CityFibre delayed by election campaign - Telecoms
Dec 18, 2019

WorldCom's Ebbers to be released from prison after 13 years
Former telecoms executive found to be suffering from dementia and dramatic weight loss - Telecoms
Dec 17, 2019

Vodafone targets Africa's unbanked with plans for M-Pesa
Telecoms group seeks to turn mobile payments unit into provider of wider services - Telecoms
Dec 17, 2019

EU needs common telecoms rules to thwart Huawei's 5G threat
True single market would help likes of Nokia and Ericsson close R&D gap with US and Asian rivals - Telecoms
Dec 17, 2019

EU telcos need common rules to thwart Huawei's 5G threat
True single market would help likes of Nokia and Ericsson close R&D gap with US and Asian rivals - Telecoms
Dec 12, 2019

Why Cisco's OpenRoaming could transform WiFi access
New technology promises to provide seamless wireless connection with automatic logins - Telecoms
Dec 11, 2019

Telefónica chooses Huawei to help build German 5G network
Move comes after Deutsche Telekom froze plans amid uncertainty over Chinese supplier - Telecoms
Dec 10, 2019

Chinese 5G sparks gold rush for Japan's masters of materials
Little-known suppliers set to cash in as Huawei and Beijing bet big - Telecoms
Dec 09, 2019

States begin court move to block T-Mobile's Sprint tie-up
US attorneys-general show evidence executives predicted price rises from $59bn takeover - Telecoms
Dec 09, 2019

Why Europe will choose the US over China
America's allies are belatedly heeding its warnings about the Chinese technology threat - Telecoms
Dec 06, 2019

Ericsson to pay US more than $1bn over foreign bribery
Telecoms group admits years of corruption in Djibouti, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Kuwait - Telecoms
Dec 06, 2019

Vodafone warns it may ‘shut shop' in India
Joint venture calls on government to step in following Supreme Court ruling - Telecoms
Dec 06, 2019

Vodafone's India partner warns it may ‘shut shop' after $4bn charge
Joint venture faces potential ruin if government does not step in following Supreme Court ruling - Telecoms
Dec 05, 2019

Holed up with Huawei
Lyft rape allegations, libel by the Liffey, best apps of 2019 - Telecoms
Dec 05, 2019

Bharti Airtel plans to raise $3bn to pay tax bill
Telecoms operator in financial dire straits after Supreme Court order on spectrum fees and levies - Telecoms
Dec 04, 2019

Huawei appeals US ruling on broadband subsidies
Chinese group's lawsuit claims ban by telecoms regulator went beyond domestic remit - Telecoms
Dec 04, 2019

Johnson toughens position on Huawei in UK 5G network
UK prime minister lobbied by Donald Trump on Chinese company's involvement - Telecoms
Dec 04, 2019

Johnson toughens stance on Huawei after Trump lobbying
UK prime minister cites concern over security co-operation with allies - Telecoms
Dec 04, 2019

Orange: not the only fruit
Carving out infrastructure will not juice up the telecoms operator's essence - Telecoms
Dec 04, 2019

Orange targets growth spurt as it kicks off tower carve-out
French telecoms group will split masts in most European markets into separate companies - Telecoms
Dec 01, 2019

Huawei Australia warns ban could cost 1,500 jobs
Chinese telecoms company hires law firm to tackle ‘false and malicious' attacks - Telecoms
Dec 01, 2019

BT plans to end performance-related bonuses
Executives including chief Philip Jansen would receive smaller guaranteed payout - Telecoms
Dec 01, 2019

Telecoms chiefs back overhaul of EU competition policy
Sector throws weight behind European Commission plan to create industrial champions - Telecoms
Nov 28, 2019

Why Telefónica is slimming down in South America
Like many European rivals, the Spanish telecoms group is focusing on more established markets - Telecoms
Nov 27, 2019

Telefónica to unwind sprawling telecoms empire
Spanish group will focus on four key markets as it puts much of LatAm operation under review - Telecoms
Nov 27, 2019

Elliott suffers German court blow over Kabel Deutschland
Vodafone paid an adequate price in €10.7bn takeover of group, Munich court rules - Telecoms
Nov 26, 2019

BT nationalisation: pension deficit is the easy bit
The group could make a one-off contribution after selling Openreach to the government - Telecoms
Nov 25, 2019

MTS sells Ukrainian unit as it focuses on Russia
Country's largest mobile operator steps up efforts to capitalise on digital market - Telecoms
Nov 21, 2019

Banks raise the stakes in mobile payment technology
System is opening up to telecom operators in effort to reach the unbanked - Telecoms
Nov 21, 2019

India offers welcome relief to its stressed telecoms sector
New Delhi deferral of $5.8bn in spectrum dues aims to avoid Reliance establishing monopoly - Telecoms
Nov 19, 2019

Labour's BT plan spooks broadband entrepreneurs
More than 600 small providers would be affected by nationalisation plan - Telecoms
Nov 19, 2019

Labour's free broadband vow spooks micro providers
UK industry fears it will vanish if party wins poll and takes over BT's Openreach - Telecoms
Nov 19, 2019

Indian telecoms groups signal end of price war
Sector leaders Vodafone Idea, Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio to lift tariffs - Telecoms
Nov 19, 2019

What Labour's broadband giveaway means for the telecoms sector
FT's Nic Fildes examines a radical proposal to renationalise parts of BT - Telecoms
Nov 19, 2019

Indian telecoms groups surge on price rise plans
Hopes Vodafone Idea and Bharti Airtel can survive multibillion-dollar government charges - Telecoms
Nov 18, 2019

T-Mobile/Sprint: shirt off his back
John Legere to step down as chief of US's third-largest phone carrier - Telecoms
Nov 18, 2019

US extends licence for companies doing business with Huawei
New 90-day extension comes as US prepares rules on telcos that pose national security risks - Telecoms
Nov 18, 2019

John Legere to step down as T-Mobile USA chief
COO Mike Sievert to take over from May next year - Telecoms
Nov 18, 2019

John Legere to step down as T-Mobile USA chief executive
Chief operating officer Mike Sievert to take over from May 1 next year - Telecoms
Nov 17, 2019

Labour broadband pledge is fantasy politics
The move would leave an enormous hole in BT's pension fund - Telecoms
Nov 15, 2019

Will consumers reap benefits of free broadband?
Experts say ‘wheels would come off' the competitive telecoms market - Telecoms
Nov 15, 2019

Labour telecoms plan triggers fear of investment freeze
Billions in broadband spending at risk as Openreach nationalisation dismissed as ‘lunacy' - Telecoms
Nov 15, 2019

Fear Labour telecoms plan will trigger investment freeze
Billions in broadband spending at risk as Openreach nationalisation dismissed as ‘lunacy' - Telecoms
Nov 15, 2019

Telecoms warns of investment freeze under Labour plan
Nationalisation of Openreach to see free high speed broadband for free across UK - Telecoms
Nov 15, 2019

The Thatcher revolution is coming under threat
Labour plans for a nationalised broadband network are misguided - Telecoms
Nov 15, 2019

Holding the line: Labour's £20bn free broadband plan
The impact, both on finances and on industry, would reach far beyond BT and Openreach - Telecoms
Nov 15, 2019

Labour's broadband plan shows nationalisation's appeal
Conservatives should worry that Corbyn is winning the argument - Telecoms
Nov 15, 2019

Labour's broadband proposal shows the scale of its ambitions
Conservatives should worry that Corbyn is winning the argument on nationalisation - Telecoms
Nov 15, 2019

BT retains ‘must-win' UK Champions League rights
Deal to keep screening Europe's top club football competition vital to group's sports channels - Telecoms
Nov 15, 2019

John Legere, ‘bad boy' of telecoms wooed by WeWork
T-Mobile's brash US boss has transformed both his company and his image - Telecoms
Nov 15, 2019

Show the phone some mercy and drop the messaging apps
Calls contain nuance and can spark ideas that written tools lack - Telecoms
Nov 15, 2019

Phone phobia is bad for business
The rise of messaging apps and the decline of conversation have harmed offices - Telecoms
Nov 15, 2019

Lex on BT/Labour: lamped
Nationalisation threat raises pressure over tardy rollout of full-fibre broadband - Telecoms
Nov 15, 2019

BT/Labour: lamped
Nationalisation threat raises pressure over tardy rollout of full-fibre broadband - Telecoms
Nov 15, 2019

Labour vows to nationalise BT's Openreach network
Corbyn promises free broadband for every home by 2030 in latest election pledge - Telecoms
Nov 14, 2019

Labour vows to give every home free broadband by 2030
BT caught off-guard after McDonnell's assurances that it was ‘not on nationalisation' list - Telecoms
Nov 14, 2019

Orange prepares carve-out of mobile towers
Move to capitalise on investor interest would boost French group's valuation by up to €10bn - Telecoms
Nov 13, 2019

Reliance Communications bid deadline extended
Mukesh Ambani group among those preparing offer for brother Anil's telecoms company - Telecoms
Nov 12, 2019

Vodafone shares disconnect from €1bn earnings boost
Outlook brighter for group's overall business despite $4bn hit at Indian joint venture - Telecoms
Nov 12, 2019

Iliad/telecoms: match me if you can
Entrepreneur Xavier Niel's bet is a shrewd one - Telecoms
Nov 12, 2019

Xavier Niel tightens grip on Iliad with €1.4bn buyback
French billionaire offers big premium for a fifth of his telecoms group's share capital - Telecoms
Nov 12, 2019

Vodafone upgrades profit guidance by up to €1bn
Disposals and German acquisition help offset telecom group's problems in India - Telecoms
Nov 12, 2019

Vodafone upgrades profit guidance despite India woes
Disposals and German acquisition help offset ‘critical' situation in joint venture in Asian nation - Telecoms
Nov 11, 2019

Vodafone strikes deal with BT to expand broadband coverage
Mobile group takes advantage of Openreach discounts to widen fledgling full-fibre network - Telecoms
Nov 07, 2019

United to buy Bulgarian telecoms group Vivacom for €1.2bn
Acquisition is latest in regional consolidation push by BC Partners-backed cable company - Telecoms
Nov 07, 2019

Deutsche Telekom lowers dividend to cover 5G costs
Lower payout reflects uncertainty surrounding merger of US T-Mobile unit with Sprint - Telecoms
Nov 06, 2019

Virgin Media to ditch BT mobile network for Vodafone
Switch comes as BT faces pressure to invest in upgrading full fibre capability - Telecoms
Nov 05, 2019

Inmarsat rejects activist effort to thwart $6bn takeover
Oaktree accuses UK satellite group of ignoring US spectrum value in deal price - Telecoms
Nov 03, 2019

Zen Internet targets 80% of UK with broadband expansion
Rochdale-based company obtains credit facility to boost presence in exchanges - Telecoms
Nov 01, 2019

Anil Ambani's Reliance Communications drops FT libel claim
Indian tycoon's company had sought $1.1bn in damages over reporting of his business record - Telecoms
Oct 31, 2019

Beijing-linked group ‘hacks foreign governments'
APT 41 accused of accessing telecoms servers, FireEye reports - Telecoms
Oct 31, 2019

BT holds dividend as fibre broadband push accelerates
Massive investment plan has put a focus on shareholder payouts - Telecoms
Oct 31, 2019

BT holds dividend as it shrugs off poll risk to fibre plans
Telecoms group says even a Corbyn government would support multibillion investment drive - Telecoms
Oct 29, 2019

Inside Huawei's first 5G phone: teardown reveals rush to innovate
In-house chips have reduced reliance on US tech but speed comes at a cost - Telecoms
Oct 28, 2019

A big part of China's 5G opportunity lies at home
Providing infrastructure for the rollout could quickly become an investment theme - Telecoms
Oct 28, 2019

Vodafone's India venture under threat after court ruling
Telecom group's local unit left facing bilions of dollars in retrospective fees, interest and fines - Telecoms
Oct 28, 2019

AT&T placates activist investor Elliott with three-year ‘action plan'
Telco to review assets and reconfigure board in a deal welcomed by the activist fund - Telecoms
Oct 28, 2019

AT&T placates Elliott Management with three-year ‘action plan'
Telco to review assets and reconfigure board in a deal welcomed by the activist fund - Telecoms
Oct 27, 2019

Europe needs to solve its collective action problem
Too often the interests of EU member states are not aligned - Telecoms
Oct 27, 2019

Reliance plans Jio spin-off and $15bn investment
Indian conglomerate hopes to attract investors to fast-growing mobile unit - Telecoms
Oct 25, 2019

Ofcom backs plan to tackle mobile phone ‘not spots'
Sector intends to share masts and build new towers in very remote areas - Telecoms
Oct 24, 2019

Nokia: Finn pickings
Pricing pressure from Ericsson and Huawei weighs on telecoms group - Telecoms
Oct 24, 2019

Comcast profits boosted by broadband subscriber additions
Growth in high speed-internet users helps offset decline in television business - Telecoms
Oct 24, 2019

Vodafone Idea shares tumble after court ruling
Decision over how to calculate levies is a major blow to country's telecoms industry

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