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Feb 20, 2018

HSBC results miss analysts' estimates
Stock slides 3% in Hong Kong even as bank shows first revenue gain in 6 years - US
Feb 20, 2018

US gun makers bet on Hillary Clinton and lost
With laws to curb gun ownership off the table, an expected sales boost never came through - US
Feb 20, 2018

US economy: The growth puzzle
After several years of weak demand and low inflation, investment is rising. But an increase in long-term growth requires a big jump in productivity - US
Feb 20, 2018

Cold front hits new generation of media players
Vice, BuzzFeed, Vox and others forced to adjust models as rules of business change - US
Feb 20, 2018

Anti-Brexit groups prepare six-week advertising blitz
Billboard and digital publicity will target voters in Midlands and north - US
Feb 19, 2018

‘Mini-Merkel' joins Germany's political big league
Rising star Kramp-Karrenbauer named as secretary-general of ruling CDU - US
Feb 19, 2018

Democrats look to Virginia for US midterms boost
Party has high hopes of unseating Trump ally Brat as it seeks to retake the House - US
Feb 19, 2018

Banking crises cast new shadow over Latvia
Latest allegations surface despite crackdown by regulators after wave of scandals - US
Feb 19, 2018

Tata chairman pledges to slim down conglomerate
Steel-to-salt group to sell underperforming units outside core IT business - US
Feb 19, 2018

India targets revenue grab after $21m Google fine
New Delhi poised to lead global push to tax multinationals in digital age - US
Feb 19, 2018

BlackRock bulks up artificial intelligence research
World's biggest investment group to create AI lab in Palo Alto - US
Feb 19, 2018

Vista Oil & Gas seals $700m Argentina deal
Mexican acquisition vehicle takes control of shale explorer Pelsa - US
Feb 19, 2018

Vodafone to test air traffic control for drones
Telecoms industry seeks lead role in safely integrating unmanned craft into airspace - US
Feb 19, 2018

China seeks bigger catch from far-sea fishing fleet
State-funded boats scour world's oceans after depleting local stocks - US
Feb 19, 2018

KFC lays an egg as chicken runs out
Most UK outlets closed after new supply deal fails to deliver - US
Feb 19, 2018

KFC runs out of chicken in logistics fiasco
Most UK outlets closed after new DHL supply deal fails to deliver - US
Feb 19, 2018

Trump backs better background checks after shooting
Legislation would improve database of Americans prohibited from owning guns - US
Feb 19, 2018

Spain minister lands ECB post after rival pulls out
Luis de Guindos the only candidate for vice-president following Irish withdrawal - US
Feb 19, 2018

Is Softbank's boss really another Warren Buffett?
Masayoshi Son's move on reinsurer Swiss Re has echoes of Berkshire Hathaway - US
Feb 19, 2018

Chicken shortage shuts most KFC branches in UK
Company blames ‘teething problems' with new distribution contract with DHL - US
Feb 19, 2018

Latvia ECB member faces calls to quit after bribery claims
Rimsevics released on bail but concerns intensify as ABLV ordered to freeze payments - US
Feb 19, 2018

Latvia's ECB member detained in bribery probe
Move comes as European Central freezes payments by Latvian lender after US claims - US
Feb 19, 2018

Deutsche Bank cuts up to 500 banking and trading jobs
Some lay-offs at German company will come before 2017 bonus payouts - US
Feb 19, 2018

N Ireland business wary of ‘smart border' after Brexit
Companies doubt a solution to frontier with Republic of Ireland can be found in time - US
Feb 19, 2018

Deutsche Bank to lay off up to 500 at investment bank
Cuts at German company to affect investment bankers and traders - US
Feb 19, 2018

Bribery probe behind detention of Latvia central bank chief
Move comes as ECB orders one of country's biggest lenders to freeze payments over alleged sanctions-busting - US
Feb 19, 2018

Argentine president and truckers face off over reforms
Veteran union boss leads thousands of drivers on 24-hour strike - US
Feb 19, 2018

Puerto Rico pitches for investment after hurricane
Governor pitches for business as 1 in five 5 islanders remains without power - US
Feb 19, 2018

Merkel brings Saarland premier into succession race
Regional leader given top CDU role as German chancellor heeds call for fresh faces - US
Feb 19, 2018

Deripaska to quit as president of EN and Rusal
Russian tycoon prepares for battle with Potanin as Norilsk feud reignites - US
Feb 19, 2018

ECB imposes block on payments by Latvian bank
Move follows US investigation into money laundering allegations - US
Feb 19, 2018

Deripaska to give up direct control of EN and Rusal
Move comes in battle with fellow oligarchs for Norilsk Nickel - US
Feb 19, 2018

Noble Group warns of looming $5bn loss
Embattled Singapore-listed commodities trader lines up $700m of funding - US
Feb 19, 2018

Tata boss: ‘I needed to stop the bleeding'
Will Natarajan Chandrasekaran be allowed to do the radical surgery some believe is necessary? - US
Feb 19, 2018

Private equity chiefs face conversion dilemma
Groups agonise over whether to follow Ares' move to become a corporation and pay less tax - US
Feb 19, 2018

Private equity chiefs face partnership dilemma
Groups agonise over whether to convert to a corporation following US tax overhaul - US
Feb 19, 2018

US climate change outlook worsens after further study
National Climate Assessment report says sea level rising twice as fast as 25 years ago - US
Feb 19, 2018

Dire outlook for US climate change is getting worse
Sea level rising twice as fast now as it was 25 years ago - US
Feb 19, 2018

Dire outlook for US climate change looks even worsen
Sea level rising twice as fast as it was 25 years ago, scientists say - US
Feb 19, 2018

Madrid hopes ECB appointment leads to wider EU role
De Guindos poised for senior job as Spain aims for bigger policy say - US
Feb 18, 2018

How ‘tech-light' days can help us focus at work
Phone-free meetings and limited email encourage creative thinking in the office - US
Feb 18, 2018

Hedge funds forced to cut fees to lure investors
$9.8bn of cash was ploughed into hedge funds last year after $70bn withdrawn in 2016 - US
Feb 18, 2018

Nintendo faces calls to split stock to aid governance
Group's shares priced beyond most retail investors on back of Switch console success - US
Feb 18, 2018

China woos Pakistan militants in Belt and Road push
Beijing in talks with tribal separatists in Baluchistan to protect $60bn investment - US
Feb 18, 2018

Iran can reform and survive, says Rouhani deputy
First vice-president says republic can change in wake of protests and mounting anger - US
Feb 18, 2018

Chanel and Farfetch in tie-up to reshape store experience
Digital initiatives for French luxury house include a branded app - US
Feb 18, 2018

Chanel and Farfetch team up to reshape store experience
Digital initiatives for French luxury house include a branded app - US
Feb 18, 2018

Global dividends hit record $1.3tn in 2017
Shareholders enjoy revival in US payouts as business confidence returns - US
Feb 18, 2018

Greece seeks to calm Brussels' bailout fears
Finance minister insists Athens needs no further credit line or monitoring - US
Feb 18, 2018

How Putin mastered the cyber disinformation war
Robert Mueller's move to indict organisations affiliated to the Kremlin is a change in tack - US
Feb 18, 2018

Labour hints at no compensation for PFI investors
John McDonnell says MPs will decide what, if any, money shareholders should get - US
Feb 18, 2018

EU plan for defence co-operation sparks US concern
Washington's qualms about what plan means for transatlantic alliance - US
Feb 18, 2018

US rattled by plan to enhance European defence ties
Brussels says programme addresses longstanding complaints Washington - US
Feb 18, 2018

Trump lashes out over Russian investigation
US president's weekend Twitter storm singles out FBI and security chief McMaster - US
Feb 18, 2018

Trump's fiscal gamble and the US twin deficits
A large fiscal boost so late in the US cycle will add to pressure on the Fed - US
Feb 18, 2018

The 25% solution: how to safeguard a labour force
Companies and government can rebuild trust in Big Tech by retraining workers - US
Feb 18, 2018

SoftBank seeks to join Swiss Re board in $10bn stake talks
Japanese group looks to acquire up to 30 per cent share in reinsurer - US
Feb 18, 2018

Italian stock market outruns European peers
Investors shrug off possibly messy election in March - US
Feb 18, 2018

Latvian bank governor detained in financial probe
Damning report accuses third-biggest bank of ‘institutionalised money laundering' - US
Feb 18, 2018

Breakthrough over growing human organs in animals
Scientists create hybrid embryos with stem cells from both species - US
Feb 18, 2018

Israel says it is ready to act against Iran
Netanyahu tells security conference Tehran is ‘the greatest threat to our world' - US
Feb 18, 2018

Israel says ready to act against Iran
Netanyahu brands Tehran ‘the greatest threat to our world' - US
Feb 18, 2018

Nissan sees 2025 as turning point for electric cars
Battery vehicles will stay more expensive than petrol versions until then, says executive - US
Feb 18, 2018

Oil majors see expansion in domestic utilities
Big European groups lay foundations for expansion into the electricity supply chain - US
Feb 18, 2018

How leaders can sort out workplace harassment
Three steps to changing a culture - US
Feb 18, 2018

What's behind the weakening US dollar?
In focus are Fed minutes and signs of volatility in South Africa's bonds and rand - US
Feb 18, 2018

China threatens to retaliate against US tariffs
Beijing says it will protect its interests if Donald Trump imposes trade penalties - US
Feb 18, 2018

HSBC hopes to leave era of scandals behind
The bank has been held back by huge fines and hasty acquisitions, but believes it is now in a position to grow again - US
Feb 18, 2018

Mueller lays bare Russian ‘troll farm' in US election
Case offers glimpse into Russian subversion of US democracy to boost Trump - US
Feb 18, 2018

"The FBI busted our activity (not a joke)"
Mueller indictment offers fascinating glimpse into Russian subversion of US democracy - US
Feb 18, 2018

Facebook executive contradicts Mueller indictment
Donald Trump cites Facebook executive's tweets to deny collusion with Russia - US
Feb 18, 2018

Facebook says Russia's main goal is to divide US
Tech executive tweets that most Russian ad spending took place after election - US
Feb 17, 2018

Mexico military chopper kills 14 in landing accident
Helicopter carrying government officials to assess earthquake damage loses control in Oaxaca - US
Feb 17, 2018

Theresa May earns a hearing in Munich
A credible if less than compelling account of the defence and security relationship after Brexit - US
Feb 17, 2018

Ethiopia struggles to damp discontent
Addis backtracks on promise to meet demands for reform and democracy - US
Feb 17, 2018

Ethiopia's regime backtracks on reforms
With an economic record at risk, Ethiopia is sacrificing democracy - US
Feb 17, 2018

Russian foreign minister dismisses US indictment
Lavrov calls presidential election interference allegations ‘hogwash' - US
Feb 17, 2018

Ethiopia bans protests in state of emergency
Crackdown extended as violence ‘hurts' economic progress - US
Feb 17, 2018

Beijing presses Kweichow Moutai to cut prices
Mandarins fret over luxury image of ‘people's drink' - US
Feb 17, 2018

France's indie music labels find their voice
Small producers enjoy ‘l'exception culturelle' after tax break and shift to streaming - US
Feb 17, 2018

May calls for new UK-EU security treaty
British prime minister offers concession on ECJ role in European Arrest Warrant after Brexit - US
Feb 17, 2018

Largest pension scheme cracks down on fund manager pay
Japan's GPIF probes the remuneration structures of its external portfolio managers - US
Feb 17, 2018

Sale of $5bn lithium stake to test electric car hype
PotashCorp plans to sell a big stake in Chile's SQM, a key supplier of the metal - US
Feb 16, 2018

UK's affordable restaurants feel the bite
Burger chain Byron and Jamie's Italian are two recent victims of a tight market - US
Feb 16, 2018

Tales of ‘Ritz detox' from Riyadh's gilded cage
Associates reveal how businessmen coped with Saudi Arabia's anti-corruption purge - US
Feb 16, 2018

Military to take control of security in Rio de Janeiro
Intervention comes as crime blights city's famous carnival and violence increases - US
Feb 16, 2018

Key excerpts from Mueller's election indictment
Charges offer detailed look at Russian effort to interfere with presidential election - US
Feb 16, 2018

‘Putin's chef' who trolled the US election
Russian Yevgeny Prigozhin charged with meddling in the presidential campaign - US
Feb 16, 2018

Mueller's charge sheet leaves all possibilities open
It is clear the US special counsel is leaving no stone unturned in Russia probe, writes Edward Luce - US
Feb 16, 2018

Astronomers expect to find more Earth-like planets
New telescopes set to bring thousands more exoplanets into view - US
Feb 16, 2018

May to warn EU on security co-operation
European spy chiefs support ‘indispensable' intelligence-sharing deal - US
Feb 16, 2018

FBI chief urged to quit over school shooting
Bureau admits it failed to follow tip that Nikolas Cruz was considering an attack - US
Feb 16, 2018

Facebook faces €100m fine after Belgian court ruling
Company told to stop tracking users as they browse and to destroy personal data - US
Feb 16, 2018

Zuma exit gives ANC final chance
Now Cyril Ramaphosa must show the ruling party has the capacity to tackle corruption and reduce inequality - US
Feb 16, 2018

Ethiopia declares state of emergency
Fears for fast-growing economy prompt action the day after Hailemariam's resignation - US
Feb 16, 2018

Ramaphosa pledges to ‘turn tide of corruption'
South Africa's new president faces daunting challenges in reviving economy - US
Feb 16, 2018

US charges Russians with 2016 election interference
Indictment alleges conspiracy to disparage Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump - US
Feb 16, 2018

US business mourns after Dreamers deal dies
Failure of bipartisan immigration bill leaves employees in limbo and employers angry - US
Feb 16, 2018

FBI says it failed to follow tip on Florida shooter
Nikolas Cruz told people he planned to carry out an attack - US
Feb 16, 2018

Food industry giants struggle to keep up with changing tastes
Sales woes at Kraft Heinz, Danone and others force groups to cut costs and eye deals

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