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Jul 20, 2018

Hurricane Scalise
A GOP leader wants to scuttle even minor flood insurance reform.
Jul 20, 2018

Is President Trump Illegitimate?
Russia hurt him, Comey helped him, but the Constitution put him in office.
Jul 20, 2018

The Trade Casualties Mount
Peter Navarro says the harm is a ‘rounding error.' He's out of touch.
Jul 20, 2018

Ortega's Reign of Terror
Nicaragua's reliance on foreign aid is the dictator's Achilles' heel.
Jul 20, 2018

Masculine Dads Raise Confident Daughters
My father never let me get away with self-pity. Never allowed me to win an argument with tears.
Jul 20, 2018

The 'Everything Handmade' Trend Will Curb Job Losses
Automation will eliminate some jobs, but consumers will often pay a premium for the human touch.
Jul 20, 2018

How Conservatives Won the Law
A liberal political scientist recounts the rise of the Federalist Society—and explains his sympathy for some of its ideas.
Jul 20, 2018

Is New Jersey Finally Fed Up With Bob Menendez?
His corruption trial ended in a hung jury, but the GOP's Bob Hugin doesn't mean to let voters forget it.
Jul 19, 2018

Get Over It---Israel Is the Jewish State
Jerusalem comes under fire for its new Basic Law, which is similar to many European constitutions.
Jul 19, 2018

Donald Trump, Meet Bill Browder
Putin wants Trump to help him silence the man who was also targeted by Fusion GPS.
Jul 19, 2018

Why Your Pension Is Doomed
A new study shows that benefits are rising faster than GDP in most states.
Jul 19, 2018

A Senate Judicial Miss
Scott and Rubio defeat a good nominee and Democrats crow.
Jul 19, 2018

The Pastor Caught in Turkey's Chaos
Andrew Brunson preached peacefully for decades. Then the coup happened.
Jul 19, 2018

Brennan and the 2016 Spy Scandal
Obama's CIA director acknowledges egging on the FBI's probe
Jul 19, 2018

Pipeline Builders Abuse Eminent Domain
How FERC denies landowners the right to meaningful appeal.
Jul 19, 2018

The Sick Man of Europe Risks a Relapse
Germany's economy looks good, but consider the low productivity growth.
Jul 19, 2018

An ObamaCare Tax Worth Keeping
The levy on ‘Cadillac' plans will help counter perverse tax incentives.
Jul 19, 2018

Why Trump's Detractors Cry 'Treason'
He won't go along with their efforts to deny the legitimacy of his election. Can you blame him?
Jul 18, 2018

Ajit Pai and Sinclair
The FCC Chairman follows the law in stopping a merger.
Jul 18, 2018

Albany's Millionaire Tax Revolt
High-tax states sue to protect their richest taxpayers.
Jul 18, 2018

Europe Fights the Last Google War
By the time this case is over, markets will be on to the next technology.
Jul 18, 2018

Who's Winning the Midterm Money Race
The Democrats have raised more, but the Republicans have more cash on hand.
Jul 18, 2018

This Is the Art of the Deal?
Trump tweeted, ‘Big results will come!' Putin already has the results he wanted.
Jul 18, 2018

A GI Bill Wrong From the Pentagon
Benefit restrictions that kick in after 16 years of service.
Jul 18, 2018

Keep Politics Out of the Boardroom
Reforms intended to give a voice to small shareholders have instead let social activists hijack proxy votes.
Jul 18, 2018

China Makes U.S. Companies Foreign-Policy Tools
Beijing threatens to punish businesses that refuse to pretend that Taiwan doesn't exist.
Jul 18, 2018

Trump Fans, Acknowledge His Failings
The president has pursued bad trade policies and fouled relations with allies. His supporters are silent.
Jul 18, 2018

A Family Reunion, Thanks to Facebook
My cousin Kelly and I became Facebook friends, then became real friends.
Jul 17, 2018

Containing Putin---and Trump
Congress needs to block any new arms deal until Russia stops cheating.
Jul 17, 2018

Trading Past America
Japan and the EU strike a deal that leaves U.S. companies in the cold.
Jul 17, 2018

No More Union Skimming
HHS seeks to stop states from taking fees without worker consent.
Jul 17, 2018

China Is Winning in the South China Sea
The U.S. should respond more vigorously to Beijing's violations of international law.
Jul 17, 2018

Trump's Russia Remarks Were No Gaffe
His warmth toward Putin is longstanding, and the GOP base has embraced his position.
Jul 17, 2018

Trump Delivers on Russia
His Helsinki outing was tone-deaf but his policy is cribbed from Bush and Obama.
Jul 17, 2018

Vote Joe Crowley, for Working Families
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hurts the party, Congress and even America.
Jul 17, 2018

The Model for a Saudi Reformer
Mohammed bin Salman, the young crown prince, has much in common with his legendary grandfather.
Jul 17, 2018

When District Judges Try to Run the Country
By issuing a ‘nationwide injunction,' a lone jurist can dictate federal policy far beyond his jurisdiction.
Jul 17, 2018

Training for the Jobs of Tomorrow
A new White House initiative will tackle the challenges technology poses to the workforce.
Jul 16, 2018

The Russia Indictments: Why Now?
The point of the hacking appears to have been to hurt President Clinton, not elect President Trump.
Jul 16, 2018

An IRS Advance for Speech Privacy
The Trump Treasury exempts charities from donor data disclosure.
Jul 16, 2018

Is Helsinki Trump's Iran Deal?
The president may be indulging Russia as his predecessor did the Islamic Republic.
Jul 16, 2018

The Trump First Doctrine
Putin respects strength but Trump showed weakness.
Jul 16, 2018

Tariffs Put a Frown on Pistachio Growers
California farmers are losing business in China to Iran.
Jul 16, 2018

The President Turns the Tables on China
He imitates Beijing's mercurial approach to negotiation.
Jul 16, 2018

The Speech Trump Should Give
‘I order declassified all FBI and Justice material Congress has subpoenaed.'
Jul 16, 2018

A Union Scam Could Be About to End
Home health workers get ‘organized' without their knowledge or consent. Janus makes that harder.
Jul 16, 2018

People Are Worrying the Labor Market Is Too Good
Removing roadblocks to growth by reducing taxes and regulations appears to be working.
Jul 16, 2018

Kavanaugh May Restore Separation of Powers
He's questioned judicial deference to regulatory agencies. So have four of his soon-to-be colleagues.
Jul 15, 2018

To Restore U.S. Competitiveness, Pass the JOBS Act 3.0
Excessive regulation has stalled startups and IPOs. The Senate should now act to get out of the way.
Jul 15, 2018

Kavanaugh and King Trump
Have you heard the nominee wants an American monarchy?
Jul 15, 2018

California's Mortgage Fraud
A judge says the state misused settlement cash to fill a budget hole.
Jul 15, 2018

Morouned Over the Detroit River
A special interest wants Trump to kill a new U.S.-Canada crossing.
Jul 15, 2018

When the City Comes for Your Home-Based Business
Overzealous regulators are targeting yoga teachers, accountants and even YouTube video creators.
Jul 15, 2018

Will Bitcoin Save Us From Google?
Maybe the seeds of destruction already have been planted at the search giant.
Jul 15, 2018

Rule of Law Wins Again in Brazil
Lula's backers try (and fail) to spring him from jail so he can run for president.
Jul 15, 2018

How Does My Phone Know My Thoughts?
News stories pop up, selected especially for me. It creeps me out.
Jul 15, 2018

Putin's Aggression Is the Issue in Helsinki
Trump shouldn't make a deal on Syria or Ukraine, or keep silent on Russia's crimes against the West.
Jul 15, 2018

Notable & Quotable: Yale Law
‘The reason Yale Law School exists is to convey its "students, alumni, and educators" as close as possible to power and prestige.'
Jul 13, 2018

After the Strzok Stonewall
Here's what Trump should declassify if he wants the truth known.
Jul 13, 2018

Trump's Merger Appeal to Obama
Justice wants liberal judges to block the AT&T-Time Warner merger.
Jul 13, 2018

Steven Donziger Gets His Due
The lawyer who tried to shake down Chevron loses his law license.
Jul 13, 2018

An Ally Sizes Up Donald Trump
When he says something consistently, it will happen. And his message is that America will remain a reliable partner, but don't expect too much.
Jul 13, 2018

You Can't Put a Price on a Hip Replacement, and That's a Problem
Andrew Cuomo's FAIR Health was supposed to make costs transparent. It hasn't worked out.
Jul 13, 2018

A Butler Will Serve You Right
In my role as ‘James,' I even appeared at the state prison north of town.
Jul 13, 2018

Why Do Women Shun STEM? It's Complicated
My humanities colleagues unthinkingly malign math and science as the province of uncreative drones.
Jul 13, 2018

Iranians Are Now Chanting 'Death to Palestine'
Khamenei calls enmity toward Israel ‘an issue of the heart.' There is reason to question his sincerity.
Jul 13, 2018

Why an Antitrust Farce Must Continue
In politics, a blunder like the government's AT&T merger lawsuit must be hugged to death.
Jul 12, 2018

America Needs the WTO
President Trump's assault on the organization could harm U.S. workers even more than his tariffs have.
Jul 12, 2018

Higher Ed Needs More Cowboys
The University of Wyoming sticks to its guns against PC faculty.
Jul 12, 2018

What Putin Wants From Trump
The U.S. President wants better relations. The price will be high.
Jul 12, 2018

The Smears Begin on Kavanaugh
The left tries some #MeToo guilt by association.
Jul 12, 2018

Where New York Goes to Think
Where New York Goes to Think
Jul 12, 2018

Will Imran Khan Turn Pakistan Into an Islamic Welfare State?
The onetime cricket star has a public-spirited reputation, but his policies bode ill for the country.
Jul 12, 2018

Trump Alone Can Cut Taxes
A 2002 Supreme Court ruling sets the stage for indexing capital gains for inflation.
Jul 12, 2018

Christian Serpent-Handlers Protect Us All
We enjoy religious freedom because of those who hold unpopular beliefs.
Jul 12, 2018

I'm Better Off From Getting Laid Off
I've been running scared for 20 years, which beats being complacent.
Jul 12, 2018

Kavanaugh Is a Mentor To Women
I can't think of a better judge for my own daughter's clerkship.
Jul 12, 2018

Don't Take Me Out to the Ballgame---I Can't Afford It
A day in the stands may cost a family of four $500. It's almost un-American.
Jul 12, 2018

Notable & Quotable: Larry Mone Retires
‘The Manhattan Institute . . . has provided no modest portion of the intellectual energy that brought New York back to its feet.'
Jul 11, 2018

Dust Bowl Economics
Trump wants taxpayers to bail out farmers hurt by his trade war.
Jul 11, 2018

Vindicating Justice Alito
Before Janus, here's what the teachers union did with your fees.
Jul 11, 2018

Trump and the Russia Pipeline
He's right about Berlin's energy dependence on Vladimir Putin.
Jul 11, 2018

Kavanaugh and the Culture Wars
Donald Trump's Supreme Court nomination may give everyone a chance to step back from the political cliff.
Jul 11, 2018

Whom Do Red-State Democrats Fear Most?
The ‘resistance' wants to block Kavanaugh. What about Trump voters back home?
Jul 11, 2018

Democratic Socialists Used to Be Decent
Michael Harrington would be appalled at the boorish tactics of today's DSA.
Jul 11, 2018

Pruitt Leaves a Proud Legacy at the EPA
His political offense wasn't ethics but his forthright challenge to the myth of renewable energy.
Jul 11, 2018

The Human Cost of Sweden's Welfare State
A group of women berated my friend in a public park because her 2-year-old son wasn't in day care.
Jul 11, 2018

The Red State Business Model
A top-secret plan for growth is finally revealed.
Jul 10, 2018

The Health Insurers Squawk
The lobby that loves ObamaCare shifts the blame on premiums.
Jul 10, 2018

Thais That Bind
A rescue operation that took skill, tenacity and courage.
Jul 10, 2018

A Senate Deadline for Kavanaugh
Schumer wants to delay a confirmation vote past Election Day
Jul 10, 2018

A Worthy Pardon for the Hammonds
Trump corrects a federal injustice against two Oregon ranchers.
Jul 10, 2018

Is Trump's Car War a Bluff?
Welcome to the Atlantic City moment when his ambition outruns his skills.
Jul 10, 2018

Americans Want an Immigration Deal
One poll shows 73% favor ‘comprehensive' reform. But Congress twiddles its thumbs.
Jul 10, 2018

The Court Tosses Blue States a Life Jacket
By limiting the power of public unions, Janus may help them avert fiscal disaster.
Jul 10, 2018

Let's Talk About the Black Abortion Rate
In New York City, thousands more black babies are aborted each year than born alive.
Jul 10, 2018

Europe's Little Alliances Can Help Bolster NATO
Trans-Atlantic ties matter as much as ever, but not all security challenges require 29 countries to cooperate.
Jul 10, 2018

Tariffs Made America Great
Britain's trade war with the colonies in the 1700s set America on the path to become a world power.
Jul 10, 2018

Jim Jordan and Ohio State
If he knew the school tolerated an abuser, why would he urge relatives to attend?
Jul 09, 2018

Kavanaugh for the Court
Trump's second nominee will be an intellectual leader on the bench.

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