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Mac RumorsOct 05, 2022
Five Apple Products You Should Avoid Buying Right Now
Rumors suggest that Apple still has several new devices that are coming before the end of the year, including a range of Macs and iPads. It's not looking like we're going to get an October event in 2022, but refreshes are coming soon, probably via press release. If you're planning to buy a Mac or an iPad, make sure to check out our list to know what's safe to pick up now and what's not.

ComputerWorldOct 05, 2022
How Apple Car could become the future car-as-a-service
Apple services are a cash cow that feed the company's future. It's obvious Apple intends building on the services it already provides and the company that gave us the iPod clearly understands that today's digital consumers demand access more than ownership. They're all in on the subscription tango in Cupertino.

Next-generation vehicles for a monthly fee That's why I think subscriptions will be a key component of the company's' strategy for the Apple Car. Whatever the speculation around that project, we know Apple has thousands of people working on it — and I doubt they're being paid to waste time. The results of that effort may not be what we expect, but it's most definitely on.

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PC World Latest NewsOct 04, 2022
Best PC deals: Prime Early Access Sale top picks

The deals have already begun and we have curated the best sales on computers leading up to what some are calling "Prime Day 2." You'll need to be a Prime member to take advantage of these steep discounts. If you aren't a member already, check out our guide for how to get Amazon Prime for free.

This year, we expect to see some great deals on desktop computers, particularly gaming PCs and all-in-ones. Other retailers have jumped in on the Prime Early Access Sale action, and some of the best desktop PC deals can even be found outside of Amazon, so we've included those deals too.

Best Prime Early Access Sale PC computer deals There are bound to be enticing computer deals all over the place, but it's not always easy to distinguish a steep discount from a great value. Different manufacturers often offer computers with the same specs at wildly different prices. So, if you're not careful, you could unknowingly purchase a computer that you think is a good deal when in fact there's another retailer selling their version of that computer for much less.

That's where we come in. We've made it our job to find you the best computer deals that also represent excellent value. Here's what we've uncovered so far:

iBuyPower Gaming PC

Network World SecurityDec 07, 2021
Aryaka broadens enterprise targets with managed SD-WAN, SASE services
Aryaka Networks is looking to target more enterprises with a new managed secure access service edge (SASE) offering and an improved, lower cost SD-WAN offerings.

Aryaka is known for offering WAN and SD-WAN services over its global Layer 2 network with more than 40 points . The new services spring from that backbone to provide additional, flexible WAN services. 

SD-WAN buyers guide: Key questions to ask vendors The first is based on a new iteration of Aryaka's L2 core—the L3—which is optimized for cost and non-mission critical applications or sites that don't require top-shelf performance. The L2 core is optimized for performance-sensitive applications.

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