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CNET How ToMay 23, 2022
The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Defamation Trial: Everything to Know - CNET
The trial is heading towards its conclusion.

Mac RumorsMay 22, 2022
Apple Increases Apple Music Subscription Price for Students in Several Countries
Apple has silently increased the price of its Apple Music subscription for college students in several countries, with the company emailing students informing them their subscription would be slightly increasing in price moving forward.

CNET How ToMay 22, 2022
'Jiggle Jiggle' on TikTok: Everything to Know About Louis Theroux's Viral Rap - CNET
What the hell does "my money don't jiggle jiggle" even mean?

CNET How ToMay 22, 2022
Apple iOS 15.5 Update: Every New Feature That Hit Your iPhone - CNET
You can download iOS 15.5 now, but here's what to know before you do.

Mac RumorsMay 20, 2022
Everything We Know About the 2023 iPhone 15 So Far
All of the rumors about the iPhone 15, coming in 2023. We're expecting a USB-C port, faster chips, an Apple-designed modem, a periscope zoom lens, and more.

EngadgetMay 18, 2022
Russia claims it's using new laser weapons against Ukraine
Russia is supposedly using its invasion of Ukraine to try new technology on the battlefield. As Reutersreports, the Russian government says it's using a new wave of laser weapons to counter the Western technology aiding Ukraine's self-defense. Deputy prime minister Yury Borisov claimed Russia was using prototypes for a drone-destroying laser weapon, Zadira, that can burn up drones. One test incinerated a drone 3.1 miles away within five seconds, according to the official.

A more established system, Peresvet, reportedly blinds satellites up to 932 miles above Earth. This was already "widely deployed," Borisov claimed. The deputy leader maintained that new lasers using wide electromagnetic bands could eventually replace traditional weapons.

This isn't the first reported use of cutting-edge tech in the war against Ukraine. CNNnoted that Russia has fired multiple Kinzhal hypersonic missiles at Ukrainian targets. This variant of the Iskander short-range ballistic missile can be launched from a fighter jet (the MiG-31K). Russia has maintained that Kinzhal is virtually impossible to stop due to its very high speed, but US and UK officials have dismissed its effectiveness and argued that it's really just an air-launched variant of a conventional weapon.

As with those hypersonic weapons, it's difficult to know how well the lasers work in practice. Russia has routinely made false claims about its overall capabilities and the war in Ukraine, where it has struggled to gain ground despi

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