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Mac RumorsJul 23, 2024
Apple Seeds Fourth Beta of macOS Sequoia to Developers
Apple today seeded the fourth beta of upcoming an upcoming macOS 15 Sequoia update to developers for testing purposes, with the software coming a week after the release of the third beta.

PC World Latest NewsJul 23, 2024
Google is now ditching its plan to replace cookies in Chrome

In any case, Google's Privacy Sandbox is now going to be an optional feature alongside old-fashioned cookies instead of a total replacement.

Though this is all a bit hazy from a user perspective, Google's attempt to replace third-party cookies across the web is (was?) a big deal. Tracking user behavior and movement from site to site is one of the things that makes targeted advertising possible and profitable, and that kind of tracking is primarily done using cookies.

But rampant abuse of cookies—with websites overloaded with hundreds of tracking points on every page, building up user profiles that all but abandon the idea of privacy—has made them a hot topic for regulators.

For better or worse, this is what gave us the GDPR cookie consent messages you probably see everywhere, even if you aren't in Europe.

Privacy Sandbox was Google's proposed solution to this issue. It replaces individual user cookies with wide blocks of semi-anonymous users grouped together based on a variety of demographic factors. It's a compromise between current tracking tech (which can narrow down users to the point of being individually identifiable and highly trackable) and a more user-focused straight cookie block (as seen on Apple's implementation for third-party apps on iOS).

Predictably, the Privacy S

Mac RumorsJul 23, 2024
Apple Seeds iOS 17.6 and iPadOS 17.6 Release Candidates to Developers
Apple today seeded iOS 17.6 and iPadOS 17.6 release candidates to developers for testing purposes, with software coming a week after the fourth iOS and iPadOS 17.6 betas were released. The RC versions are the final versions of iOS 17.6 and iPadOS 17.6 that will see a public launch in the near future.

EngadgetJul 23, 2024
Intel has finally figured out its long-standing desktop CPU instability issues
The first reports of instability issues with the 13th-gen Intel desktop CPUs started popping up in late 2022, mere months after the models came out. Those issues persisted, and over time, users reported dealing with unexpected and sudden crashes on PCs equipped with the company's 14th-gen CPUs, as well. Now, Intel has announced that it finally found the reason why its 13th and 14th-gen desktop processors have been causing crashes and giving out on users, and it promises to roll out a fix by next month. 

In its announcement, Intel said that based on extensive analysis of the processors that had been returned to the company, it has determined that elevated operating voltage was causing the instability issues. Apparently, it's because a microcode algorithm — microcodes, or machine codes, are sets of hardware-level instructions — has been sending incorrect voltage requests to the processor. 

Intel has now promised to release a microcode patch to address the "root cause of exposure to elevated voltages." The patch is still being validated to ensure that it can address all "scenarios of instability reported to Intel," but the company is aiming to roll it out by mid-August. 

As wccftech notes, while Intel's CPUs have been causing issues with users for at least a year and a half, a post on X by Sebastian Castellanos in February put the problem in the spotlight. Castel

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