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EngadgetJun 08, 2023
Third-party Reddit app Apollo will shut down on June 30th
Reddit's controversial decision to charge for API access has led the creator of Apollo to shut down the third-party client. "Apollo will close down on June 30th," Christian Selig wrote on Twitter. "Reddit's recent decisions and actions have unfortunately made it impossible for Apollo to continue."

Selig, who is the only developer working on Apollo, sounded the alarm bell about the changes last week. He estimated that keeping the app running as is under Reddit's new rules, which are set to take effect on June 19th, would cost him around $20 million per year.

In a post on Reddit, Selig accused the company of slandering him during calls with some of the site's moderators following an alleged misunderstanding. He claimed to have told Reddit that, if a high volume of API calls from Apollo was costing the company a significant amount of money (i.e. in the region of $20 million per year), "I suggested you cut a check to me to end Apollo. I said I'd even do it for half that or six months worth: $10 million." 

Selig said Reddit representatives apologized for misunderstanding his remarks as a threat of some kind. Even so, he claimed CEO Steve Huffman told moderators that "Apollo threatened us, said they'll "make it easy" if Reddit gave them $10 million ... This guy behind the scenes is coercing us. He's threatening us."

The Apollo developer suggested these allegations were

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